Online vs Offline Poker: Pros and Cons

Chaitanya Halbe

Poker, when the game came into existence, gained popularity fast as it was a favourite pass time for most people. With the evolution of technology poker became available online even for playing with real money. The comparison between online and offline poker is a bit unfair as they are exactly like two sides of a coin.

Online poker: pro and cons

· Anyone can play for free if you want to test your gameplay.

· Welcome bonuses on signing up along with fund deposit bonus offers.

· With just two clicks of the mouse, you are all set to play.

· You can use the help of software which can give you statistics of every single player on your table.

· Every game in poker family is available to play any time of the day.

· You can lay in your comfort zone just with a laptop or mobile.

· Any player can fool his opponents just by using a unique username.

· There happens to be no need for travelling to the casinos or events anymore. You can join one online from anywhere in the world.

· You don’t get the chance to do table banter. Hence, you can’t distract other players.

· Since every game is available 24-7 it might get hard to step away from them.

· It’s quite difficult to know a players ‘tell tells’.

· There is no chance of talking to other players and making friends and to hope they go easy on you if you are losing.

Offline poker: pro and cons

· In casinos, a player often gets meals and rooms comped.

· One gets to enjoy the posh environment and glamour that the game brings with itself.

· Drinks are served on the table. It is generally a good feeling when a player doesn’t have to leave the table to get drinks.

· Players get to chat with other players on the table so one knows what they are getting into and with the ‘tell tells’, they can strategize their game.

· The players can use different tactics to throw others off their game.

· Table limits can be high. Accordingly, the minimum bet would also be high which restricts everyone from playing there.

· Often the noise in the casino and table banter can put one off their game.

· A player has to dress well according to dress codes.

· Travelling can be an issue as often events or casinos the journey there alone can be tiring at times.

· Often a player has to play out of his comfort zone depending on the casino and event.

Poker its beauty and thrill in any more its played in. The adrenaline rush one gets in casinos is very different than playing online. Making money is considerably easier for online poker games as well as depositing it to your bank account.

The current scenario of online poker is growing due to its reach and prize money that it offers. Poker, in general, requires a specific skill for you to be ahead of others. After all, it's not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Edited by Shruti Sadbhav


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