Pocket52 records India's longest-running online table session with 71 hours continuous action

Thank You for Helping Us Create History!
Thank You for Helping Us Create History!
Somyak Dhar
Modified 06 Sep 2019

Pocket52's 5-Card-PLO table for 25/50 stakes ran for almost 72 hours to go down in the history books as the longest-running continuous online poker cash table session in India!

Since it was a 5-Card PLO game, the action kept increasing exponentially every hour! The Pot of Gold promotion ran for an uninterrupted 3 days and generated ₹45,138.16 as bonus reward in less than 72 hours with the last man sitting at the table winning the bonus pot.

What is Pot of Gold?

On PoG qualified tables, an additional pot is added 30 minutes post the activation of the table. This additional pot is the Pot of Gold, a bonus that players can win by grinding at that table. The last active player on the table wins the Pot of Gold bonus.

71 Hours | 60 Players | ₹45.1K Bonus Pot Generated

This particular pot started on 3rd September 2019 and had over ₹9,000 in the bonus pot within the first 24 hours with over 34 people participating. The next day, a little over ₹17,000 was generated with 28 players participating as the play kept picking up without any signs of slowing down. 5th September, the third and final day, saw another ₹18,000 being added to the pot, taking the total value of the Pot of Gold to a whopping ₹45,138.16.

This is the first time that a cash table ran like a tournament, a poker death match, where every player tried their best to knock out their opponents in hopes being the last man standing and taking home the Pot of Gold. Here's a quick recap of this extraordinary Pot of Gold table that had been raging for almost 72 hours at Pocket52:

  • Stakes: 25/50
  • Table: Predators 15
  • Game: Five-Card PLO
  • Buy-in: ₹1,500 - ₹6,000
  • Total Players: 60
  • Session: 71 Hours
  • Total Value of Pot: ₹45,138.16
  • Winner(s): 'Jungleman' & 'cooldude'
  • Most Hands Played By: vida (2251 hands)

The Surprising Twist In The Tale

The winner(s) was decided in the unlikeliest manner. Two players, 'Jungleman' and 'coolboy' had been playing at the table for a long while and finally opted to 'sit out' after the last hand and the pot was chopped between them. The Pot of Gold was split as both were the last player sitting at the table after the action had ended. According to Pot of Gold rules, "If all the players on the table sit-out concurrently at the same time, the pot will be chopped between the eligible players."

'Jungleman' and 'coolboy' ended up winning half pot each, dividing the total winnings between themselves (₹22.5K approx). An inconceivable, and somewhat anticlimactic, finish to an action-packed marathon.

How do I find the Pot of Gold tables at Pocket52?

In the Pocket52 lobby, Pot of Gold tables are marked with a 'POG' sign representing the Pot of Gold.

Published 06 Sep 2019
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