Poker Chip Values | Poker Chip Colors and Values (Chart)

Standard poker chip values
Standard poker chip values
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Poker chips are standard units for playing poker professionally, worldwide.

Here’s a quick guide to poker chip values. This will apprise of how much value each colour of poker chip holds.

What is the value of a poker chip?

The value of a poker chip means the number of units it represents. The value or denomination varies as per the colour of the chip.

There are standard definitions of the value of poker chips, with a few variations. We will cover three sets of poker chips that are played with, in general. These are followed by casinos and poker rooms throughout the world.

Standard poker chip values

Here is a 'Poker chip colors and values' Chart:

White chip: 1 unit or $1

Red chip: 5 units or $5

Blue chip: 10 units or $10

Green chip: 25 units or $25

Black chip: 100 units or $100

It is suggested to play with three or four basic chips if there are up to 10 players in the game. For more number of players, you can get a bigger chipset with more colours and more chips in each colour.

Full set of chips: Values of poker chips in all colours

White chip: 1 unit or $1

Yellow chip: 2 units or $2

Pink chip: 2.5 units or $2.5

Red chip: 5 units or $5

Blue chip: 10 units or $10

Grey chip: 20 units or $20

Green chip: 25 units or $25

Orange chip: 50 units or $50

Black chip: 100 units or $100

Pink chip: 250 units or $250

Purple chip: 500 units or $500

Yellow/Burgundy: 1000 units or $1000

Light blue chip: 2000 units or $2000

Brown chip: 5000 units or $5000

At times, yellow chips of two units or $2 are also used, and, similarly, there may be other variations in values of chips, as per the discretion of game organizers.

If you’re using a set of five chip colours, then the number of chips in each colour should be in the ratio 5:4:3:2:1, from the lowest to highest units.

Casino Chip Sets

Most casinos follow the standard chip colour values with some variations.

Casinos customise their chips in order to avoid duplication of chips, therefore, they sometimes use colours different than those of standard chips.

Usually, chips made of clay or clay mixtures are produced commercially with specific designs for casinos. They are hard to copy and hence maintain the integrity of games in casinos and even save casinos from loses.

If you’re planning to buy a poker chip set for yourself, then you can read my article on what to look for while buying poker chips.

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