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Poker, a game of skill that can change your outlook towards life

916   //    13 Sep 2017, 14:35 IST

2004 World Series Of Poker Tournament
Poker is a game that requires more skill than sheer luck

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Let’s face it, we’re modern day beings, we seek opportunity, thrive for evolution, are calculated and logical. Luck and randomness are no more our guiding lights, we have become more measured both in our means and our end.

Poker is simply that in a game, where there are one significant means to the end which comprises of several in itself. The main aspect being ending up better than you started off, isn’t that the way we go about life? 

Poker is what we see in our everyday lives. It teaches you monetary and personal investment, the concept of big and small blinds indicates a “stake” that we have in our personal doings and we can reimburse that initial investment if we play to the best of our abilities, not just to break even but profit.

The concept of wagering is the same as an investment; it can be monetary, emotional etc. it involves an attachment. The financial markets of the world are in a way more of a gamble than the game of Poker.

There is also an obvious skill and strategy in practicality, which differs from that of the financial markets where strategy and skill are in the analysis. 

Calling, folding, and raising are essentials of life just as they are in poker. The aspect of going with the trend is for the introverts, the aspect of raising the bar and setting new standards are for the extroverts as well as the optimists, and if you think you have a bad hand and nothing will go your way, the pessimist’s fold. But personality and strategy aren’t always similar.

Many players, have contrasting emotion and skill because on that poker table is where you can certainly experiment with the stakes involved, that will truly tell a lot about a person, it reveals their characteristics, their optimum risk to return threshold and even changes the person for the better. 

Put yourself in the seat of a poker player and try to look at the way they see the world, in all aspects, not just the table. They measure actions, draw cause and effect, investigate movements of factors that affect them, analyze past moves on the present and the present moves in the future, it isn’t just a game for them, it’s a way of life in a more quantifiable manner, looking for reasoning and causation before anything else.

A world that isn’t just a fallacy of randomness, but a domino effect that was initiated since the first card was dealt and will not stop until you are all in. 

Poker is wrongly viewed because of several aspects not the least of which is the outlook towards it. We need to understand the impact it has on us and the way we view the world, not just poker players but as strategists where decisions are calculated and logical projections are made.

Who says we shouldn’t look at life like a deck of cards?

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