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PokerStars Players Champion, Ramon Colillas wins the coveted title for $5.1 Million

18 Feb 2019, 13:40 IST

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Hailing from Spain, Ramon Colillas has become a known name in the poker world, going from relatively unknown online and live grinder in Spain to Platinum Pass winner to champion of the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold-em Championship in the Bahamas last month. At present, he’s PokerStars’ 5.1 million-dollar man.

About Ramon Coliallas

Colillas is a professional when it comes to winning a poker tournament. The one particular poker hand that shifted the momentum in his direction ultimately resulted in capturing a well-deserved title and a payday of $5,100,000. His $25,000 buy-in was in fact a freebie after winning a Platinum Pass and that became an even happier moment for Colillas.

The hand that turned the tide began during heads-up play with Julien Martini, the latter holding a chip advantage of about 35 million chips to Colillas' 24 million. Martini was dealt the 9-6 of hearts and commenced to raise to 1.25 million after his opponent checked. Colillas called with Q-5 offsuit, and checked when the flop of A-4-Q appeared, all in hearts. A flopped flush prompted Martini to bet 1 million chips.

A call by Colillas brought the turn - another queen - which gave Colillas trips and improved his chances of winning from 3% to 23%. Undaunted with his flush, Martini bet 4.6 million chips after Colillas checked, and the Platinum Pass winner called and waited for the river.

Fifth street produced the 5 of diamonds, exactly what Colillas needed for a full house. He checked again, Martini announced "all-in," and Colillas happily made the call, scooping more than 48 million in chips - and well on his way to winning $5.1 million.

“I have fulfilled another dream,” said Colillas. He claims to follow in the footsteps of an icon he watched on TV growing up, Chris Moneymaker. One of the best moments for him was when the original Moneymaker told Colillas he now call him Ramon Moneymaker.

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