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Siddharth Mundada bags his second title at Spartan Poker’s Destiny Tournament

102   //    06 Aug 2018, 11:46 IST

Siddharth Mundada
Siddharth Mundada

Siddharth Mundada won his second title at the Destiny Tournament that was organized by The Spartan Poker. Coming in from a series of downswings, he turned it around miraculously to better his first victory in this grand tournament in last December. We are presenting an inside scoop of how the high-voltage tournament unfolded, plus a short interview with the winner.

This Wednesday-bound tournament starts at 7:30 pm IST and runs for ten weeks on a trot. The ten finalists take part in Destiny SnG Finale and winner stands to win a package trip to Europe to play a prestigious poker mega tournament.

An uphill battle

The Destiny Tournament lasted over ten hours and was a gruesome grind every single minute for its registered 477 players. The Guaranteed prize had swelled in the same proportion as it rocked way past its INR 20 Lakh mark to close at INR 23.85 Lakh. The last playing level was number 62 when the Blinds were placed at 44,000/88,000 - 8,800. The buy-in was still at INR 5,500.

The star of the show was Siddharth Mundada who bagged the top seat with over INR 6.32 Lakhs in his kitty while the remaining 40 contenders went home richer by a minimum of INR 14,310 each. Mundada would, however, need to part with a sum of INR 1 Lakh from his total winnings to pay for the buy-in at the Destiny SnG Finale. This grand event is slated to unfold in a couple of weeks. Mundada would share his seat with similar Destiny winners.

Mundada’s dream run

Owing to his chip lead, Mundada (aka Sidddhu) opted for an aggressive approach right since the Pre-Flop round in the final hand against his opponent nicknamed 'JesusOnAcid.' Sidddhu had 9h As while the latter had 4c Ah.

The Community Cards came up as Jh 3c Qh 5c Qc. While both players had scored a pair of Queens, Mundada fared better with his High Kicker- a 9h. This sealed the deal for Mundada while his opponent had to settle for the runners-up prize that was a shade above INR 3.93 Lakhs.

Two other notable players were Apratim Sharma aka 'checm@te' and Mayank Jaggi aka 'AlwayslimpAA', who finished 6th and 8th respectively.

This is what Mundada said after his epic win

An obviously elated Siddharth Mundada said,

"It's always good to ship a tourney like this one especially when you are facing a downswing in poker. The past three months were very frustrating for me as I made a bunch of final tables but couldn't capitalize on them.”

Dedicating his sweet victory to his mother, the champ added,

“I would love to dedicate this victory to my family, especially my mother who let me follow my passion to play poker. The key hand in the event was when I called a 1.5x pot size raise on the River with middle pair and won a big pot."

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