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Timothy Adams And Jason Koon Won The Triton Jeju Main Event And Refresh Event Respectively

60   //    14 Mar 2019, 17:41 IST

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Two massive events got wrapped up in Jeju, South Korea just recently. Both the Main and Refresh Event saw renowned names earning their place on the top.

Timothy Adams Wins Triton Poker SHRS Jeju Main Event

Timothy Adams won the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju HKD 2,000,000 Main Event for HKD 27,760,500 ($3,536,550) after agreeing to a deal with Bryn Kenney during heads-up play.

Adams talked about his win, “To win, it feels amazing. I obviously had to run very, very good, as I think most people have to win a poker tournament. I’m thrilled that it’s me." Adams has now more than $14 million in live tournament earnings.

The tournament drew 48 entries (including 16 re-entries), generating a prize pool of HKD 90,204,000 ($11,491,541). Six players cashed in with the top 5 walking away with at least $1 million.

2019 Triton Poker SHRS Jeju Main Event Results

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2019 Triton Poker SHRS Jeju ME Final Day Recap

Adams headed into the 6 max final table with a commanding lead with 107 big blinds followed by Kenney with 64 big blinds. Peter Jetten, Dan Smith and David Peters were closely bunched at the bottom of the pack with 12-16 big blind stacks while Isaac Haxton entered the final table with 25 big blinds. Haxton was the first one to go into 6th place for HKD 6,300,000 ($802,589) after he three-bet jammed ace-ten and couldn’t get there against Kenney’s kings.

Peters was taken out in 5th place on the very next hand for HKD 8,150,000 ($1,038,269). He jammed for 10 big blinds from the small blind with ace-three and couldn't hold after Jetten called with king-ten suited from the big blind.

Jetten was taken out in 4th place for HKD 10,390,000 ($1,323,634). He jammed with king-nine suited on a king-high flop and was eliminated after Kenney called with a set holding pocket kings. It was Smith next, he got busted in 3rd place for HKD 13,600,000 ($1,732,572) after his king-eight couldn't get there against Kenney's ace-deuce.

Kenney entered heads-up play in a marginal chip lead against Adams before the duo agreed to a deal with each player locking up more than $3,000,000 and about $500,000 left to play. Adams then delivered his eight-five in front of Kenney, giving him a higher full house than the latter’s ace-four with two fours coming on the flop followed by a five on the turn and another five on the river. Kenney blurted soon after, “That’s the nastiest run-out I’ve ever seen.” He gave up the rest of the chips with ace-high only to run into a queen-high flush held by Adams.


"It feels really good," Adams said after the win. "I’m really tired right now, three really grueling days of poker. The field was really tough. The best players in the world were in the field."

Adams on the final hand said, “It’s kind of standard. I was obviously very thrilled to get called."

Kenney still walked away with a massive runner-up prize of HKD 24,039,500 ($3,062,513), meanwhile, Adam was declared the latest Triton Poker High Roller Series Main Event Champion.

Jason Koon Wins Second Triton Poker Series Jeju Event

Jason Koon, Triton Poker Ambassador continued to dominate at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju at Landing Casino over the weekend. He won the Triton Refresh HKD HKD 1,000,000 No Limit Hold'em Event for HK$7,640,160 ($973,306). Koon said yes to a heads-up deal with Stephen Chidwick who walked away with a higher prize of HK$8,859,840 ($1,128,685) due to his chip advantage.

This would be Koon’s second Triton Poker Super Series Jeju title after winning the Triton Poker Super Series Jeju HKD Triton Poker Super Series Jeju HKD 1,000,000 Short Deck Ante-Only event for HK$22,300,000 ($2,840,945), notched up 4 final tables in the past 6 events he has played.

Koon said, “It’s ridiculous to sign up for six tournaments and turn up and final table four of them, and win two of them. It doesn’t happen very often. I’ve run extremely, extremely well, but that’s what has to happen. Some weeks you run good, this week I ran fire hot."

The event saw 25 entries (including 3 re-entries), generating a prize pool of HK$ 23,500,000 ($2,993,745). Initially, it was a two-day event but the organizers changed I to a one-day event while adding an extra event to the schedule.

2019 Triton Poker SHRS Jeju Triton Refresh Results

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*Reflects heads-up deal.

2019 Triton Poker SHRS Jeju Triton Refresh Final Table Action

Michael Soyza (who already won an event at this festival) fell short of the money in fifth place in cruel fashion after his ace-queen couldn't hold against the ace-jack held by Paul Phua. After the bubble burst, Phua was in the chip lead with Koon at the bottom of the pack.

Phua took out Michael Adddamo in 4th place for HKD 2,800,000 ($356,702) as he expanded his chip lead. Koon and Chidwick battled before Chidwick eliminated Phua in third place for HKD 4,200,000 ($535,052).

Koon and Chidwick said yes to a deal with Chidwick earning a tad bit more because of his chip lead. Both of them struck a new deal with the tournament organizers allowing them both to go all-in, with only the trophy left to play for. Koon finished on top and added his second Triton Poker Super Series Jeju trophy to his collection.

Koon later added, “It’s been a dream week. It was incredible, it was amazing."

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