5 traits possessed by successful poker players

Correct application of poker skills can leave you sitting on bags of money
Deevya Mulani
Modified 11 Apr 2018
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A common misconception that people have regarding poker is that it is a form of gambling. Sure, its results involve a fair share of luck, maybe more than other sports, but what you do with that luck is determined by the skill and intelligence you possess. Luck cannot be controlled but a bad hand can always be folded. It is skill, acquired over a period of time which empowers you to make decisions of that sort.

It is always easier to play poker with luck on your side, as is the case with all kinds of sport. You have to take your chances and hope that your calculations are successful. The best poker players do this on a regular basis.

On that note, take a look at a few characteristics the top poker players all possess.

#1 Intelligence 

An intelligent poker player has the ability to read the game 

No surprises here. Poker is a game of wit and to triumph at it, it is important to keep your wits about you as you try to outfox the opposition. This is true especially in the age of the internet where there are countless online portals and websites offering to teach poker for free. Such resources have made it incredibly easy to become good at the game and it is only intelligence that will set you apart from the multitudes trying to earn a fortune at poker every single day.

In spite of this wealth of information online, like any other game, excelling at poker requires you to apply the concepts learned over time in a proper manner. You have to be smart and manipulate the other players using techniques like bluffs, and make them second guess themselves, leading to their demise.

This might explain why many poker players have abnormally high IQs and impressive academic backgrounds.

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Published 06 Jul 2017
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