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Weird Habits & Poker Players Are Best Friends Ever, Or Are They?

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132   //    13 Jun 2018, 19:10 IST

It is undeniable that our profession shapes our world to a great extent. And why not? Since the day we acquire senses, we strive and strive to achieve something that later on becomes our other half.

Surprisingly, people develop habits while working in a particular scenario or field and are not even conscious about it. Well, it is not negative in any way but yes, people around you might find it weird. Just imagine, you are story-telling your kid when you are completely exhausted and drowsy and after few moments of narration, you start giving him the details of train routes and ticket fares, in the semi-conscious state? It is not difficult to guess that you are one hell of a dedicated Railway Employee. Not only will it be weird but also abnormally hilarious.

Well, poker players also exhibit such weird habits just because poker takes over their minds over everything else. Here is a list of eerie habits that poker players exhibit and if you relate to any these, well you are allowed to LAUGH OUT LOUD:

#5 They Follow Biological Clock Opposite To The Rest Of Mankind

Poker players' biological clock is completely opposite to that of ab average person
Poker players' biological clock is completely opposite to that of an average person

If you have a poker player at home, you know exactly what we are talking about. Poker players tend to have a clock of their own. For them, their day begins late in the day and because of their involvement in the game at the late night hours, the tired body sleeps till late afternoon. Once a poker player gets into a lengthy game, it's only hunger that can make them eat. Conventionally, they are denoted as night-owls by rest of the human community, but that doesn’t matter. They run on their love for poker.

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