5 easy TikTok dances anybody can learn

5 easy TikTok dances anybody can learn (Image via @TikTok/moesha_kbb)
5 easy TikTok dances anybody can learn (Image via @TikTok/moesha_kbb)
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Easy TikTok dances are always fun, and most users of the social media platform love to indulge in them from time to time. While dance challenges have been a thing on TikTok since the app became famous worldwide in 2018, it is worth acknowledging that not everyone can master the more complicated dance routines.

So, easy TikTok dances make the rounds, they open the door to equal participation from boomers, millennials, and Gen Zs alike. Most of the time, the easy TikTok dances don't require a lot of body movement and acrobatics. Movement of the limbs and other body parts like the head usually constitute these easy dance routines. Wearing a smile only increases the appeal of the dance. Check out this quick guide to some of the easy TikTok dances that have gone viral.

Easy TikTok dances that are fun to master for just about anybody

The Toosie Slide


The Toosie Slide dance gained popularity on the app after the song of the same name was released by award-winning rapper Drake. He released the hit single in 2020, with the lyrics stating exactly how fans could perform the dance.

The lyrics, "Right foot up/ left foot slide/Left foot up/ right foot slide," outline the steps of this easy TikTok dance that fans have come to love. Drake also performed the steps in the official music video. While many creators quickly jumped on the trend and garnered likes, stars like Anthony Hopkins showed that they still got some impressive moves.

Blinding Lights


Grooving to Blinding Lights is one of the easy TikTok dances that went viral on the app in 2020. The Weeknd released the Synthwave song in 2019, but it made a huge comeback on TikTok the following year.

A TikTok star with the account name Macdaddyz is credited as the creator of the iconic steps. MacDaddyz's moves include running in circles with his pals as they shuffle their feet and move their hands in continuous circular motion.

Handshake in the Hamptons


Handshake in the Hamptons or Magic in the Hamptons is Social House's 2018 song that was choreographed to quick dance steps on TikTok. Users perform about six steps, including clapping above and below each leg raised one after the other, and a shoulder wave that resembles breakdancing.

The next move is to take one elbow out while opening your closed ties simultaneously. The same motion has to be repeated with the other elbow. Both hands are then rolled to the back before a little waist movement.

Say So


Music sensation Doja Cat released her hit single Say So of the pop-rap genre in 2019. The song quickly went viral on social media users as it birthed one of the best easy TikTok dances.

The dance was created by TikToker Haley Sharpe in December 2019. After Doja Cat incorporated the speedy steps in the music video for the same, the dance took off on the app. The singer also made sure to include the creator in the music video. Stars like Charli D'Amelio and YouTuber James Charles jumped on the trend, accelerating its meteoric rise.

Something New


The hip-hop rap song Something New went viral on TikTok during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in 2020. The song was originally released in 2018 as a hit single on Wiz Khalifa's album Rolling Papers 2.

While everyone was cooped up trying to get used to the new normal, the Something New dance offered the perfect distraction. TikToker Kerring Keyes, whose username is Kerringtonjk, created the memorable dance steps. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and LeBron James mastered the steps quite easily.

The dance can be done alone, but is usually more fun when other people join in. It involves standing in a straight line with each person getting closer to the camera to bop their elbows, shuffle side to side, and then swerve off so the next dancer can do the same.

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