Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power - 5 interesting facts about the Prime Video series

The Lord Of Rings: The Ring of Power (Image via GQ.com)
The Lord Of Rings: The Ring of Power (Image via GQ.com)

The One Ring lies at the heart of The Lord of the Rings, as the entire plot revolves around two Hobbits' quest to break Sauron's grip on the earth for good. There are, however, nineteen more Rings of Power that play critical roles in the events leading up to and beyond the Third Age of Middle-earth.

5 'Lord Of The Rings' facts that are quite amazing

5) In the form of Annatar, Sauron deceives the elves

Elves remembers Sauron's position as Morgoth's faithful lieutenant during the First Age, which is why he strives to gain devotion from Men at first. However, he quickly understands that allying with the Elves, even if only briefly, is the only real way to gain and maintain power.


In the Second Age of Lord of the Rings, Sauron presents himself as Annatar, a fictitious creature who manages to gain acceptance in most elven nations. Galadriel, Gil-galad, and Elrond have suspicions about his true identity, but they can't prove it.

4) Sauron's will hasn't tainted the Elven Rings

Celebrimbor creates the Elven Rings without Sauron's knowledge or control, though they do technically fall within the One Ring's jurisdiction. The Three Rings in Lord Of The Rings do not give invisibility, but their inherent healing abilities allow wielders to rejuvenate and protect their lands.


Indeed, Nenya and Vilya are credited with helping to keep the peace in Rivendell and Lothlorien, while Narya encourages and motivates those who are oppressed by Sauron.

3) There are some significant limitations to the One Ring

The One Ring is essentially a gleaming reflection of Sauron's evil essence, as it holds only his intent. He makes good use of it, influencing Nmenór's rulers into committing horrible crimes (such as attempting to besiege Valinor).

To those like Tom Bombadil, however, it is nothing more than a useless piece of jewelry, implying that the One Ring is far from omnipotent. More significantly, if any of the Valar tried, they'd probably be able to crush it between their thumb and forefinger.

2) The Seven Dwarf Rings' bloody history

The Dwarves in Lord Of The Rings are exceedingly reclusive beings who rarely contact those outside their clan, let alone their race, hence nothing is known about the Seven Rings.


Sauron distributes them to seven powerful Dwarf lords in the hopes of bringing them under his control, but things don't go as planned. They are unaffected by the Rings per se, but they are instrumental in raising the famed Dwarven Hoards, which inevitably leads to internal conflict in Lord of the Rings.

1) The Power Rings have a basic level of sensitivity

The Rings of Power, in the wise words of Gandalf the Gray, are equipped to "look for themselves," which explains how the One Ring moves from Isildur to Gollum to Bilbo, piggybacking on whoever it considers a worthy ring-bearer/host.


It makes every effort to survive while also disturbing the wearer, a malice-filled conundrum that reflects its creator's darkest ambitions.

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