5 Questions that could be answered in Cobra Kai season 5

Cobra Kai season 5 - @cobrakaiseries
Cobra Kai season 5 - @cobrakaiseries

#4) Will Tory Nichols join Miyagi-Do in season 5?

Another question that could be answered in season 5 is whether Tory Nichols will join Miyagi-Do. Despite confiding in Amanda LaRusso in season 4, she continues her rivalry with Samantha LaRusso until the All-Valley tournament.

Tory defeats Samantha in the finals, but she then finds out that Terry Silver paid off the referee. This is interesting because it may lead to her leaving Cobra Kai in the next season. With her opening up to Amanda, she may reveal to Daniel that Silver had the finals fixed.

Silver could then try getting even, which could result in Tory joining her rival at Miyagi-Do. She wouldn’t be the first top Cobra Kai member to do so as Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz joined Miyagi-Do in season 4. There could be something similar planned for Tory, which could be interesting because she'd have to co-exist with Samantha.

#3) Will John Kreese get revenge on Terry Silver in season 5?

The biggest surprise came in the season 4 finale, when Silver betrayed Kreese and had him arrested. Silver had beaten up ‘Stingray’ and offered him a spot in Cobra Kai if he did a favor for him.

While celebrating their All-Valey win, he mentions Johnny was the real reason why Kreese wanted to relive their glory days. As the tension begins to rise, Silver confronts him for using the Vietnam war to make him feel guilty.

“I’m shedding my weakness, Captain.” - Terry Silver to John Kreese (Cobra Kai, Season 4, Episode 10)

The police then arrive and place him under arrest following ‘Stingray’s confession. Kreese then tells Silver that he’s going to regret what he did to him. There are many interesting theories on what that could mean. He could join forces with Johnny and Daniel, expose Silver for bribing an official, or just go after him alone.


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