5 times Joe Rogan lost it at his guests during a podcast

Joe Rogan has often lost his temper with his podcast guests.
Joe Rogan has often lost his temper with his podcast guests.

Podcast host Joe Rogan has lost his temper at his guests multiple times in the past.

He is an American comedian, podcast host and MMA commentator, whose podcast is called “The Joe Rogan Experience.” All episodes of the podcast have been officially licensed to Spotify since December 2020.

Joe Rogan is known for his outlandish remarks and opinions on different types of issues. He has been in quite a few controversies because of his bold comments. In this article, five incidents where Joe Rogan ended up losing his calm have been talked about.


5 times Joe Rogan lost his calm during the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

#1 Jamie Kilstein

Jamie Kilstein is a popular American writer, stand-up comic and radio host. When he attended the Joe Rogan podcast, he spoke at length about the problems that rape and sexual assault victims go through.


Kilstein ended up suggesting that rape victims are the most disadvantaged. He said that being a victim of rape is worse than dying - something that Joe Rogan had a problem with. Rogan called his guest crazy, and said that it is surprising that he would rather have people die than try and deal with issues related to assault/rape.

#2 Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannapulous is a political commentator/writer known for his work on various highly politically-charged issues. He is a far-right commentator whose work ridicules Islam, feminism and social justice among other topics.


During the Joe Rogan podcast, the two talked about a range of issues, leading to quite a heated discussion. Milo Yiannopoulos spoke about religion and said that most forms of acceptable behaviors in today’s world have originated from Christianity. Joe Rogan ended up going on a heated rant, and refused to accept his guests’ opinions.

#3 Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon is a medical consultant whose work revolves around the psychological effects of war and PTSD. Mark Gordon talked about a particular supplement called Glutathione, which is said to help people suffering from alcoholic and non-alcoholic chronic fatty liver disease.


Joe Rogan could not believe the positive effects of the supplement, and was of the opinion that Mark Gordon did not know what he was talking about. He also commented that he wished he was “smarter” so that he could call his guest out for his claims.

#4 Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo, like Joe Rogan, is a podcast host. He is a popular stand-up comic and musician who ended up making bizarre claims on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Bravo is a flat-earther, and refused to budge on his opinion, even when shown satellite images of a “round Earth.”


He claimed that all space agencies are part of the global lie that the Earth is round. This ultimately led to a furious discussion, with Joe Rogan refusing to take any of Eddie Bravo’s comments seriously. He insulted his guest, and said that he did not see why space agencies would lie about the shape of the planet.

#5 Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is an American-Canadian commentator who is popular for the show “Louder with Crowder.” During his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, he spoke about the potentially negative effects marijuana can have on people.


Crowder had claimed in an article that only “morons” could want to consume marijuana. Joe Rogan, who is famously a staunch marijuana supporter, ended up losing his cool. He called him a bunch of sarcastic names, as Steven Crowder accused Rogan of bullying him by getting his assistant to pull up articles that attacked Crowder’s claims.

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