5 YouTubers who broke the law and lost all their Internet fame

Alan and Alex Stokes (Image via The Stokes Twins - YouTube)
Alan and Alex Stokes (Image via The Stokes Twins - YouTube)

YouTube is definitely one of the best platforms for content creators. However, some YouTubers have often found themselves faced with lethal danger for the sake of video content for their viewers.

Be it a planned prank or an accident, the repercussions of such incidents can have tremendous effects on the victim. YouTubers who fell victim to such scenarios even ended up facing the legal consequences of their action. These scenarios usually arise either when a creator tries to create unique video content or viral content to set their channel up for success.


This article features five such scenarios, where the respective YouTubers ended up in jail and lost all of their internet fame.

YouTubers who were arrested

#5 - Alan and Alex Stokes


The twin duo of Alan and Alex Stokes are famous for presenting various prank videos on their YouTube channel. However, the duo's attempt to execute a bank robbery prank cost them heavily. Apart from facing legal consequences themselves, the twins ended up endangering the life of an innocent cab driver, who was suspected of being an accomplice.

The twins ended up receiving several hours of community service to make up for their mistake.

#4 - Daniel Silva


Celebrity tattoo artist and notable YouTuber Daniel Silva once found himself in the middle of a horrifying car accident. While driving alongside his friend and fellow YouTuber Corey La Barrie, Daniel's car hit a tree and a street sign after the tattoo artist lost control of his car while under the influence of alcohol.

The accident proved to be fatal for Corey, as despite being rushed to the hospital, he didn't make it. Daniel was sentenced to a year in prison as well as five years of probation and several hours of community service.

#3 - Monalisa Perez


In what was supposed to be a harmless stunt with her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz, Monalisa Perez ended up taking her boyfriend's life. Pedro was supposed to hold a hardcover encyclopedia in front of his chest as Monalisa shot a 50. Caliber Desert Eagle handgun. However, the hardcover encyclopedia wasn't protected enough as the bullet ended up in Pedro's chest.

Although Monalisa immediately called emergency services, Pedro did not make it through. As a result of this unfortunate stunt, Monalisa was sentenced to six months in jail.

#2 - Matthew Wain

During a rant about the treatment he received from Birmingham City Hospital, YouTuber Matthew Wain said a bunch of questionable expressions. From threatening to bomb the hospital to hoping that healthcare workers would get the virus, Matthew's video featured a bunch of hostile statements.

Eventually, the video was noticed by law enforcers and Matthew was arrested. The YouTuber was placed in jail for 12 weeks and was also fined heavily.

#1 - Ryan Stone


Although not a YouTuber, Ryan Stone's plan was to earn money by copyright striking all the videos that featured his 90-minute long car chase. Ryan carjacked a total of three vehicles and crashed two of them before eventually getting caught by the police.

However, before he was caught, Ryan managed to gravely injure a State Trooper known as Bellamann Hee, who tried to stop the culprit by deflating the tires on his vehicle with Stop Sticks. Ryan was eventually sentenced to 160 years in jail, resulting in him never being able to copyright strike any of the videos that he was featured in.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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