Among Us: "Orange was Ejected" Meme trends after Donald Trump's loss in presidential elections 2020

(image credits: thesackoftroy)
(image credits: thesackoftroy)

Among Us seems to have taken over in a huge way and one cannot seem to go anywhere on the internet without an Among Us meme or reference scattered about. The game has been able to permeate through the entire internet and is somehow suitable for almost any given situation.

From being applicable to a friend seeming reluctant for a plan being labelled "sus" to now, the Presidential Elections in the US, Among Us is perfect for just about everything.

In what has been a somewhat anxious period for America as the country stood still in anticipation for the results of the presidential elections. After the results were announced, a certain Among Us term seems to have flooded the internet, related to the loss of now ex-President Donald Trump in the elections.

"Orange was ejected" Among Us meme takes over the internet after Donald Trump's loss in the elections

Donald Trump, who has been an extremely polarizing figure in not just American politics, but in modern media as a whole, was humoursly given the moniker of "Orange Man".

The moniker was derived from his conspicuous skin complexion that evidenced heavy artificial tanning. After the results of the elections came through, Among Us fans jumped at the opportunity to spread the word of "Orange was ejected" all over the internet.

Crafty meme connoisseurs have also added the ex-President's alleged hair-piece to the Among Us meme as well.

This goes on to prove how much of a cultural phenomenon Among Us has gone on to become since its launch. Its intuitive gameplay loop as well as the core principles of the game seem to apply to almost any given situation.

Many had doubts concerning the game's staying power in the pop culture, but it now seems to have found solid footing and is here to stay.

Edited by Suromitro Basu
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