"Bringing Gospel to Gamers": Pastors and Evangelists are taking to Twitch in an attempt to educate gamers about God

Image via God Mode Activate
Image via God Mode Activate

A group of streamers is trying to bridge the gap between the Church and gamers.

Various pastors and evangelists have taken to Twitch hoping to “educate gamers about god”.

A group called God Mode Activated was started back in 2018 with the aim of “activating gamers in faith.” Catie Dexter, an evangelist, Twitch streamer, and gamer, is the chief operating officer of the group.

God Mod Activated’s stated goal is to create a community of both believers and non-believers so that they can experience Christianity in the context of gaming. The group employs various tools such as prayer requests and outreach teams full of gamers/content creators who attempt to educated people about Christianity through gaming.

Pastors and evangelists now taking to Twitch to educate gamers about Christianity

Catie Dexter, who streams under the name CatastrophicMC is a gamer/streamer who plays games such as Minecraft and Among Us all while educating her viewers about the facets of Christianity.

According to Dexter, the group’s ambition is to create a network of GMA-affiliated streamers who are all given the freedom to stream the games of their choice. However, they must use the platform and the opportunity to educate gamers about Christianity.

A lot of GMA's networking happens via online Bible studies, group discussions on Discord about various life issues that viewers might be facing, and the sharing of other Christian-themed content that viewers might benefit and learn from.

According to GMA, Twitch gives them direct access to millions of gamers worldwide who can benefit from learning various aspects of Christianity. These evangelists see Twitch as a new mission field where people can be approached with the Gospel. Of course, this is not the easiest of missions in the world.

The group recognizes that there is a “communication gap” between gamers and the Church. Moreover, the group encourages people to come up with their own beliefs, traditions, and interpretations of Christianity and focuses on various basic facets of the religion that they consider useful to gamers as well.

At the end of the day, GMA-affiliated streamers are given free rein to host their own personalized educational Twitch sessions. Catie Dexter has stated that despite the differences in individual interpretations, different types of Christians have been responding well to their practices, with individual pastors routinely amassing hundreds of thousands of followers.

Edited by Abhishek Singh