Fans chant "Chicken Noodle Soup" as BTS' J-Hope and Becky G reunite at the AMAs

The duo added their own touch to the 2006 hip hop classic Chicken Noodle Soup (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)
The duo added their own touch to the 2006 hip hop classic Chicken Noodle Soup (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS’s J-Hope reunited with friend and collaborator Becky G at Sunday night’s American Music Awards, giving fans multiple cute moments to gush over.

South Korean rapper Jung Hoseok, better known as J-Hope, had collaborated with the Mexican-American singer Becky G for the song Chicken Noodle Soup, which sampled American DJ Webstar and rapper Young B's song of the same name. The duo turned Chicken Little Soup into a trilingual number, featuring lyrics in Korean, Spanish, and English.


Ever since the song’s release, J-Hope and Becky G have been open about their mutual admiration and support, with the duo wishing each other on their birthdays.

Fans of the talented stars were thus on the look out for interactions between them at the much awaited AMA’s, and the two did not let them down.

Becky G and BTS' J-Hope worked together on 'Chicken Noodle Soup'

The famous and ultra-talented besties interacted a number of times throughout the evening, giving the ARMY no lack of material.

In one of the clips shared on TikTok by a lucky fan, J-Hope, accompanied by the rest of the BTS, is seen behind-the-scenes on the red carpet. The BTS rapper can be seen leaving the group to go hug Becky G, who is standing just a little away. The warm hug shared by the two appeared to be a testament to the deep friendship between them.

In another incident of J-Hope and Becky G acting like the long lost besties that they are, J-Hope, who happened to be seated at a row ahead of the Mexican singer, turned around and excitedly waved at her. Becky G was no less enthusiastic, responding by blowing kisses.

A different video showed Becky G going to join BTS where they were sitting, to have a conservation with J-Hope and to greet the other members. The singer also appeared in a series of pictures with the Korean band, her purple outfit standing out amidst BTS’ bright yellow.

Becky G was also very vocal about her excitement upon reuniting with BTS at the AMAs. On the red carpet, the singer had announced that BTS were her “homies”, saying,

"They're the homies. I love them!"

Fans of the duo took to social media to discuss the heartwarming friendship, with some labeling them “besties who have been forced to stay apart.” Many in the audience started chanting "Chicken Noodle Soup" when they spotted J-Hope and Becky together.

After all these interactions, many have their fingers crossed for another collaboration between Becky and J-Hope, or even with all the members of BTS.

BTS swept the AMAs, winning in all three categories they were nominated in, including the highly coveted Artist of the Year. Becky G, too, claimed her top spot, winning Best Female Artist-Latin.

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