BTS X McDonald’s Meals launched in Malaysia and ARMY says it has “the cutest paper bag”

The BTS McDonald's Meal has finally launched
The BTS McDonald's Meal has finally launched

The hashtags #BTSMeal and #BTSxMcDonalds have been trending worldwide. Finally, ARMY get to enjoy their McDonalds BTS Meal, starting off with its launch in Malaysia today.

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What is the BTS Meal?

The BTS Meal includes a box of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets along with two dipping sauces, Cajun and Sweet Chili, inspired by McDonald's South Korea. Both sauces have different levels of heat. The meal also comes with a medium fries and a medium Coke. The price of the BTS Meal in Malaysia is RM 15.70, which is about 4 USD. However, the price differs based on the delivery app and delivery address.

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When and where will the BTS Meal be available?

Launched on May 26th, the meal is available in nearly 50 countries, with India, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia being just a few. BTS Meals will be sold between May and June around the globe.

The exclusive meal has been postponed in Singapore, from 27th May to 21st June, due to the country's pandemic restrictions.

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Possible BTS x McDonald’s Merchandise?

Ever since the collaboration was announced in April, fans have been speculating about a possible merchandise collaboration between BTS and McDonalds. After not addressing this for a long time, McDonald's finally confirmed it on Twitter. However, they did not reveal much about the BTS-themed merchandise.

As of now we only know about their exclusive logo and a special photocard that can be downloaded via Weverse.

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Malaysian ARMY rave about the BTS Meal

BTS Meals finally hit the market today. Starting off in Malaysia, BTS Meals have been trending worldwide. Everyone wants a preview of the exclusive meal and pictures of the meal have begun flooding social media sites.

While many fans are excited to get a taste of the BTS Meal, some fans are in love with the bag that the meal comes in. The brown bag has both McDonald’s and BTS’ logos in their respective colors, yellow and purple.

In related news, McDonald's will be premiering the BTS Meal CF on May 26th at 8 PM KST.

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