Corinna Kopf labeled a "scammer," called out by fans for posting Instagram pics on OnlyFans page

American Instagram model and YouTuber Corinna Kopf (Image via Getty Images)
American Instagram model and YouTuber Corinna Kopf (Image via Getty Images)

American influencer, model, and YouTuber Corinna Kopf recently took the internet by storm after announcing the launch of her first OnlyFans (OF) channel.

On June 4th, the Instagram model took to Twitter to announce the opening of her OF account in exchange for a huge 500,000 likes in her announcement tweet.

Although the tweet did not reach the exact desired engagement rate, the close margin prompted Corinna to make her OF debut. Fans were quick to follow the model on the platform and even had her trending on Twitter within a few hours.

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Fans call Corinna Kopf "scammer" for OF page posts

Corinna Kopf came under the limelight with her appearances on David Dobrik’s vlogs. The 25-year-old soon turned to Instagram and stands as one of the most popular social media influencers today.

Corinna also ventured into YouTube and amassed millions of followers on the platform. Known for her lifestyle and fashion videos, the influencer has a whopping 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She has also successfully gained a strong fanbase across all popular social media platforms. Unfortunately, the latest excitement among fans surrounding Corinna’s OF debut soon turned into disappointment.

Fans joined Corinna’s OF channel with a $25 subscription with hopes of gaining access to the model’s exclusive pictures and updates. However, they were left highly disappointed to find Corinna’s old Instagram photos on the new content sharing platform.

The disappointment led fans to accuse the influencer of scamming and drove them to share their discontent on Twitter:

Corinna soon came to her own defense after landing in hot waters online. In a series of new tweets, the model ensured there was more to her OF channel than what meets the eyes.

Corinna shared that the platform would consist of more than her Instagram content. She also mentioned that she did not post new content right away to prevent them from getting leaked:

In another teasing offer, Corinna asked her followers for 5000 retweets to give 10 lucky fans a one-month free subscription to her OF account.

While excited fans did give Corinna the requested number, most were disappointed again for failing to avail the special offer.

As reactions continue to stay abuzz on Twitter, it is to be seen if Corinna stays true to her words and posts new content or leaves fans disappointed forever.

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