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David Letterman slammed for 2013 interview with Lindsay Lohan, called "Cruel and unprofessional"

Image via Lindsay Lohan & David Letterman
Image via Lindsay Lohan & David Letterman
Modified 15 Feb 2021

David Letterman has started to trend after a particularly mean interview from 2013 with Lindsay Lohan resurfaced online. Many people on the internet feel he should apologize.

In 2013, Lindsey Lohan appeared on Letterman's show to promote her movie, Scary Movie 5. The Late Show with David Letterman was a regular stop when stars needed to promote their movies.

Letterman went off-topic during the interview and began speaking about Lohan's time in rehab. Lindsay Lohan was often on the news around that time because of her substance abuse and many arrests.

It seemed like all that interviewers wanted at the time was some information on her struggles with no respect for her privacy. Letterman showed a real lack of empathy in this instance.

Lindsay Lohan answered some of Letterman's questions but was visibly uncomfortable. She even mentioned that this was not discussed in the preinterview, where stars are asked questions beforehand so that they can object before the show goes live.

It was very clear that David Letterman blind-sighted Lindsay Lohan into giving a personal interview.


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At the end of the clip, Lindsay Lohan was sheding tears. Lohan showed great strength by holding her tears for the duration of the interview.

Letterman was trying to pass off the whole thing as a joke. He apologized, but it didn't look very sincere.

David Letterman no longer hosts The Late Show. Today, he has another show on Netflix. It is unclear if this clip will have any effect on the David Letterman's latest show.

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David Letterman broke an unwritten law about publicity interviews

When stars agree to do a promotional interview, there are a few lines that should not be crossed.

When a star is uncomfortable, they signal to the interviewer that he/she should change the subject. David Letterman did not let up on Lindsay Lohan and broke this very important rule.

Normally, the stars will go after the interviewer, but David Letterman was too powerful at the time. Lindsay Lohan was also at her lowest in the eyes of the public at the time.

There was no chance of Lindsay Lohan gaining support against Letterman at the time. It's not the same now, and Letterman should definitely address his behavior during the interview.

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Published 15 Feb 2021, 01:32 IST
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