Destiny 2 game tester explains his job profile

Image Credits: Bungie
Image Credits: Bungie

A Destiny 2 game tester recently took to Twitch to explain what his job profile includes, all while playing the game on stream.

Holtzman was a popular streamer during Destiny 1, and his recent stream somewhat indicates that he's getting back into the streaming scene again, just this time with Destiny 2. Holtzman was the main motivating force behind planet Destiny, and it's good to see him back in action once again.

Destiny 2 game tester delves into his job profile

In this short clip, Holtzman can be seen talking about what a game tester really does. Game testers are tasked with testing the game, and thereby ensuring that everything works the way it is supposed to work.

He does get surprised on one occasion during the clip, wherein the spaceship crashes into the world. Things like that aren't really supposed to happen in the game and that's what the testers are supposed to make sure of. Whenever they see something off, such as in this particular scenario, they report it to the developers so that it can be fixed.

Game testing can be a really fun job to be honest, especially for those who like gaming. But then again, the pay isn't great, so people who are thinking of game testing as a good career option, should really reconsider.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light dropped on the 10th of November for all players, and it's a nice little expansion to an already thriving game. For a good while, every single Guardian in game could utilize their light based sub-classes, but in the newest expansion, the first darkness based subclass has been introduced.

Destiny 2 is, slowly but surely, expanding it's horizons. This expansion was designed by Bungie independently, and the amount of effort they have put in to get the expansion working is commendable. They have the entire road map laid out for the next year, and a lot of exciting content is on its way for players of Destiny 2 to enjoy.

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