Did NCT's Taeil open an Instagram account? The K-POP star trends worldwide as fans discuss the decision

NCT's Taeil hits trending after opening a personal Instagram account (Image via Dispatch)
NCT's Taeil hits trending after opening a personal Instagram account (Image via Dispatch)

Taeil, of NCT, has been making waves online since opening his personal Instagram account earlier today. Fans are eagerly rushing to follow the account and keep up with all the latest updates on the singer.

NCT is SM Entertainment's boy group, packed with unique concepts that had fans anticipating their debut (which was made in 2016). The band has no fixed line-up and is split into several sub-units, comprising of members that are constantly switching and being added.

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NCT U was the first sub-unit to make its debut under the NCT name, with the digital single "The 7th Sense." As of now, the entire "group" has 23 members under it.

27-year old Taeil made his debut on the NCT team with sub-unit NCT U for their second digital single, "Without You." He is also a part of NCT 127, whom he joined for their first mini-album "NCT #127". Taeil has also participated in the project units NCT 2018 and NCT 2020.

Which NCT members are following Taeil? What is his Instagram ID?

Soon after Taeil's Instagram account was created (@mo.on_air), NCT member Haechan posted on one of their platforms informing fans of its existence.

Fans flooded Instagram to quickly follow him. However, many noticed that other NCT members were also doing the same.

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As of now, Yuta, Doyoung, Mark, and Johnny of NCT are following him. Conversely, Taeil had apparently followed Johnny first, leading to much speculation that Johnny was indeed the one that had created the account for Taeil.

Taeil is also following Yuta, Doyoung, Mark, and Jaehyun. Coincidentally, all of these are his fellow members of the sub-unit NCT 127.

Reactions and memes concerning Taeil's decision come pouring in

Fans were quick to hit Twitter and share their excitement around Taeil's decision.

Taeil is currently trending #1 worldwide on Twitter. Earlier this year in April, on an NCT-hosted radio show, Taeil had stated that he had no desire to open an Instagram account. He felt he would feel stressed about feeling obligated to upload posts on the platform.

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Due to this, fans were not expecting Taeil to open an Instagram so soon, but are welcoming the decision with open arms.

Edited by Ashish Yadav