Did the Stasis subclass break Destiny 2

Image Credits: Bungie
Image Credits: Bungie

Beyond Light for Destiny 2 dropped on the 10th of November, but did the developers break the game with the new Stasis subclass?

The stasis subclass is one of the first darkness subclasses to make its way into Destiny 2, and it is amazing. Guardians get their first taste of stasis when they encounter the Exo Stranger on Europa and the journey beyond light continues from there. But how overpowered is Stasis exactly?

Stasis and Destiny 2

Image Credits: Bungie
Image Credits: Bungie

The most important question that all Destiny 2 players have been asking is how this subclass would work in PvP modes. Given the nature of the subclass, where players can literally freeze enemies, it's not hard to see that this may be potentially game-breaking. This may be particularly problematic when Trials of Osiris rolls out.

The Trials are one of the more serious PvP setups in the game and it takes a lot of skill to get there in the first place. Once people have gotten into the trials, losing matches because of one overpowered subclass may get frustrating.

With stasis, players can freeze opposing guardians, stop ultimate abilities dead in their tracks. This makes guarding a zone exceptionally easy. Being "iced" in PvP is never good, and if players are frozen, then it's all about that one-hit kill, which gets pretty annoying for players on the receiving end of it.

Stasis based weapons only make the situation worse. There's a tracking grenade which insta-freezes other opponents, and a special exotic weapon which freezes all opposing players if they're grouped up.

Problems like these have always been the reason behind single-player and multiplayer modes having different weapon metas altogether. But given the fact that the Crucible has been an important part of Destiny 2, it remains to be seen how Bungie deals with this issue.

Because there's no competitive esports scene for Destiny 2 till now, chances are Bungie won't change too much when it comes to this subclass. However, if the community voices dissatisfaction, especially when it comes to the Trials of Osiris, Bungie may nerf the subclass.

Will Bungie stick to the light of the Traveller, or will darkness finally take over the world of Destiny 2? Only time will tell.

Edited by Abhishek Singh