Did Vin Diesel adopt paul walker's daughter?

Last Modified May 25, 2023 08:01 GMT
Did Vin Diesel adopt paul walker's daughter?
Meadow Walker

No, Vin Diesel did not adopt Meadow Walker, the late Paul Walker’s daughter.

Following the tragic car crash in 2013 that claimed her father's life, Meadow Walker has not been formally adopted by anyone. However, in a touching gesture, Walker shared on October 23, 2021, via Instagram that Vin Diesel, her father's close friend, and Fast and Furious co-star, walked her down the aisle in place of her dad at her wedding.

Who is Meadow Walker?

Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan, the daughter of the late Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker, has made a name for herself in the world of modeling. Born on November 4, 1998, Meadow grew up in Hawaii before moving to California to live with her father when she was 13 years old.

While her parents deliberately kept her out of the public eye, Meadow has since emerged as a talented model with a passion for philanthropy and environmental conservation.

Early Life

As the only child of Paul Walker and Rebecca Soteros, Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan had a unique upbringing. Her parents prioritized shielding her from the spotlight, allowing her to grow up away from the media's prying eyes.

Meadow inherited her father's love for crystals and possesses an impressive collection, including one that is the size of a laptop computer. Despite the tragic loss of her father in 2013, Meadow has persevered, and her journey has led her to where she is today.


Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan began her modeling career in 2017 when she signed with DNA Models. Since then, she has made significant strides in the industry, collaborating with renowned fashion houses such as Proenza Schouler and Givenchy. Notably, she wore a Givenchy gown at her wedding, showcasing her connection to the fashion world.

Meadow made a remarkable impression at Givenchy's Fall Winter 2021 ready-to-wear show, where she had the honor of opening the event. Additionally, she has worked alongside Ella Emhoff, further cementing her presence in the fashion scene.

Her cameo in Fast Franchise

Her cameo in Fast Franchise
Source: Instagram

Since its release on Friday, Fast X has been soaring high at the box office, and it has an extraordinary cameo that holds great significance for fans of the franchise. Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late Paul Walker who starred in five of the previous Fast and Furious films before his tragic passing in 2013, had hinted at her appearance in the latest installment.

Meadow Walker, now 24 years old, can be seen in Fast X, marking her debut in the saga that her father was a part of. For those who have already seen the movie and missed her cameo or for those who are yet to watch it and want to spot her, Walker appears in a scene around the middle of the film.

In this particular sequence, characters Jakob Toretto (played by John Cena) and Brian Marcos (played by Leo Abelo Perry) are seeking refuge from the Agency and join forces with an airline attendant to escape. That airline attendant is none other than Meadow Walker. Meadow had teased her cameo earlier this month by sharing a still image from the film on Instagram.

The picture shows her walking down the aisle of a plane, surrounded by seated passengers, dressed as a flight attendants. In her Instagram post, Meadow expressed her gratitude for growing up on set, watching her father and the rest of the Fast family.


Q: Who is Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan?

A: Meadow Rain Walker Thornton-Allan is an American model and the only child of Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker.

Q: What is Meadow's background and early life?

A: Meadow was born on November 4, 1998, and grew up in Hawaii. She later moved to California to live with her father when she was 13. Her parents kept her out of the public eye, and she did not seek publicity until she started her modeling career. Meadow inherited her father's love for crystals and has an impressive collection.

Q: What is Meadow's career in modeling?

A: Meadow signed with DNA Models in 2017 and has since worked with renowned fashion houses such as Proenza Schouler and Givenchy. She opened Givenchy's Fall Winter 2021 ready-to-wear show and has collaborated with other notable figures in the industry.

Q: What is Meadow's personal life?

A: In August 2021, Meadow announced her engagement to actor Louis Thornton-Allan, and they were married in October of the same year. The wedding was a private affair but gained attention in the media as Meadow's godfather, Vin Diesel, gave her away during the ceremony.