Dolly Parton's Ice Cream Flavor: Here's when Jeni's Splendid will release next batch as Strawberry Pretzel Pie sells at $1,000 a pint

Dolly Parton's Ice-Cream has been selling like hot cakes
Dolly Parton's Ice-Cream has been selling like hot cakes
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

After a rapturous launch which saw fans scrambling to get a hold of a single pint, country music legend Dolly Parton's exclusive ice-cream flavor continues to be the talk of dairy-town.

The latest sumptuous offering from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, is an ode to the "Queen of Country" and 11-time Grammy Award winner, Dolly Parton.

The 75-year old Hall of Famer recently created a new Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor, the proceeds of which will go entirely towards her "Imagination Library," a welfare program which specializes in spreading the joy of reading among children.

Ever since the collaboration was announced, there has been an unprecedented rush to get hold of a single pint out of the 10,000 initially produced for sale.

Online hustlers are also out to get diary-deprived fans and make a quick buck in the process.

On eBay, a tub of Dolly Parton's ice-cream is selling at a whopping $1,000.

As a result of all pints selling out, Jeni's team is currently working round the clock to churn out more ice-cream in order to satiate the increasing demands of a riled up customer base.

Customers keep tabs on the Jeni's website, as they wait in line for a pint of Dolly Parton's Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice-Cream Flavor


Ohio-based Ice-Cream company "Jeni's Splendid Ice-Creams" pulled off a marketing coup by onboarding "The Smoky Mountain Songbird" for a limited collaboration on a delicious new flavor.

Named Strawberry Pretzel Pie, the flavor is described as "sweet and salty, with timeless appeal and deep American roots," specifically designed to tantalize one's tastebuds.

Consisting of crunchy pretzels, rich cream-cheese ice-cream and a tangy strawberry sauce, the flavorsome delight is a major hit among customers.

Officially launched on 8 April, the sweet treat hit stores amid such anticipation that customers ended up crashing Jeni's website:

Due to the unprecedented surge that ensued, the site was unable to manage the traffic, which was reportedly "50 times more than usual."

In light of the technical issues, they soon issued an apology over the unavailability of the Dolly Parton ice-cream online:

Based on their latest update, Jeni's team is currently working hard to ensure that Dolly Parton's Strawberry Pretzel Pie is available for sale online, within the next couple of days.

With the company working round the clock to ensure a smoother run this time, customers would do well to keep a constant tab on their inboxes and social media in general.

Image via Jeni's
Image via Jeni's

As customers gear up for the site to be up and running, they will also be hoping that Jeni's will be better equipped to keep up with the surging fan demand, this time around.

Edited by Gautham Balaji


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