Fact check: Did Devin Booker punch Tristan Thompson?

Fact check: Did Devin Booker punch Tristan Thompson (Image via @Instagram/dbook/realtristan13)
Fact check: Did Devin Booker punch Tristan Thompson (Image via @Instagram/dbook/realtristan13)

NBA star Devin Booker is under scrutiny for an alleged altercation between fellow sports star Tristan Thompson and him. Booker reportedly punched Thompson and left him with a black eye.

According to rumors circulating on social media, Devin Booker punched Tristan Thompson at Kylie Jenner's best friend Anastasia 'Stassiee' Karanikolaou's birthday party. The speculation comes amid recent news that Booker's relationship with reality star and model Kendall Jenner has ended after two years. The theory further insinuated that the couple split up due to the assumed altercation between Booker and Thompson.

However, recent developments have shown that the rumor was mere hearsay. Booker did not punch Thompson or give him a black eye in reality.

Tristan Thompson's 'injury' was not inflicted by Devin Booker

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner joined many other celebrities, including Tristan Thompson, at Stassie's birthday party. Following the celebration, rumors popped up on social media that Thompson, who is Khloe Kardashian's ex, left the birthday party with a black eye.

The claims were first seen on Reddit when a user started a thread titled, "Is the math mathing for anyone else?" in the r/KUWTK subreddit. The post also included several pictures and screenshots, all taken from the party.

The first snapshot showed Thompson's tall frame as he walked out of the party with a seemingly blackened eye. Speculations regarding the same went viral across several social media pages and were also circulated by a few media publications. However, after seeing how quickly the news spread, the same Redditor took to their account to debunk it. The instigator penned:

"To anyone seeing this comment from the article link, this was a fake story that this community promoted to see whether journalists would do their due diligence. I apologize to Devin Booker. Promoting rumors that accuse you of violence were not fair."

The user also noted that they did not set out to target Booker's career or relationships. The news of Booker and Jenner splitting is accurate, but it has nothing to do with any altercation between Thompson and him since that did not even take place.

Devin Booker and Kendall split after two years

Since the news of their separation broke, sources have shared tidbits on what went wrong. An insider revealed to ET that Kendall Jenner and Booker had discussions regarding their future and concluded that they were not "on the same page."

Another source told the same publication that the supermodel felt like the Phoenix Suns star and her were on different paths. In a similar vein, someone revealed to E! News that the duo hit a rough patch and have been split for over a week now.

However, more reports show there may still be hope for the celebrity lovers to patch things up. Kendall and Booker are said to have remained in touch as they still care about each other.


The pair were first linked in 2020 when they were spotted on a road trip to Sedona. However, Devin Booker and the The Kardashians star kept their relationship private until they went Instagram official in 2021. They later celebrated their first anniversary in the same year. Kendall and Booker were always famously tight-lipped about their romance.

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