Fortnite vs Among Us: Hype or Reality?

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Among Us and Fortnite have dominated the gaming market in their spheres, but it was only a matter of time until both these games ended up competing with each other. In this article, we'll take a look at how these games stand against each other in terms of accessibility, gameplay, popularity, content, and tournaments.

#1 Among Us vs Fortnite: Accessibility

Among Us is available on almost all devices except for Mac and Chromebooks. However, there is a way of installing the game on the Chromebook, but unfortunately, there's no way of installing it for Mac.

Fortnite, on the other hand, is available on most devices, but with the recent lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games had its game removed from the App store. Similarly, as per the Epic Games website, updating the game on Android devices via the Play Store won't be possible anymore. However, users can still play version 13.40 on their android devices.

Image Credits: Epic Games
Image Credits: Epic Games

#2 Among Us vs Fortnite: Gameplay

Both these games are poles apart when it comes to gameplay. Fortnite, in a nutshell, is a shooter survival game, whereas Among Us is a simple social deduction game. The latter does have a survival factor included in its gameplay, but it isn’t as elaborate as the one Fortnite boasts. Also, the individual game time varies between Among US and Fortnite. The total time invested in one round of Fortnite would approximately be equal to more than four rounds of Among Us.

#3 Among Us vs Fortnite: Popularity

Among Us has garnered a good viewership in the past few weeks. It has managed to oust Fall Guys. According to the Twitch tracker, the game has currently been ranked as the 3rd highest streamed game. Surprisingly, it’s even placed above Fortnite.

Image Credits: Twitch Tracker
Image Credits: Twitch Tracker
Image Credits: Twitch Tracker
Image Credits: Twitch Tracker

Recently, in a stream, Jelly resorted to playing Among Us within Fortnite itself. Now, this is a cross over that was unexpected, but it was eventually bound to happen.


#4 Among Us vs Fortnite: Content

Fortnite does not hesitate to pump out amazing new content regularly for its playerbase. On the other hand, Among Us recently took the market by storm with its content and is yet to churn out updates as interesting as its competitor. Given the recent popularity of the game, InnerSloth did scrap the idea of Among Us 2 and wanted to solely concentrate its efforts on Among Us, for which they are coming up with new updates. As per their devlog, InnerSloth is working really hard to resolve the issues they’re currently facing and are coming up with new content.

While the community admits that Among Us may have taken Fortnite’s spot based on popularity, the community still stays divided in its opinion. People have expressed their concerns about Among Us not being able to keep up with their updates.

#5 Among Us vs Fortnite: Tournaments

Fortnite has several official tournaments taking place throughout the year. While on the other hand, Among Us, does have the potential to be an esports title, but there aren’t any official tournaments happening yet from their end. The unofficial ones, however, are bountiful. But the amount of money that Fortnite has witnessed through these tournaments is still a distant dream for Among Us and will continue to be so for quite a while.

To sum it up, it’s really difficult for Among Us to actually compete with Fortnite because of their difference in gameplay, genre, and player base. But the accessibility and popularity that Among Us has garnered in these few weeks makes it a worthy opponent.

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