Girls Generation Taeyeon's new music video for  "Weekend" has fans comparing star to Elle Woods of Legally Blonde

A still of Taeyeon from Weekend. (SM Entertainment)
A still of Taeyeon from Weekend. (SM Entertainment)

Girls Generation star Taeyeon has dropped a new single titled Weekend. The music video of the song has taken social media by storm. It was released on July 6 and the theme is that of an office-goer looking forward to the weekend.

The visuals pop out of the screen in glossy pink and orange hues. The star of the video, Taeyeon, is also dressed in these colors, as she sings about what she would do during the weekend. The rush of weekdays, the languid weekends, her song speaks of all it.


So far, fans have loved everything about it; be it the video's theme or the bright visuals. In fact, the video hit 1 million views just hours after the release of the song. Korean fans who loved the star also flooded the comments section of the YouTube video with appreciation for the song.

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Fans compare Taeyeon to Elle Woods of Legally Blonde

One of the interesting things that fans have noticed is the similarity between one of Taeyeon's get-ups for the song,and that of the popular character from Hollywood movie Legally Blonde. Elle Woods was portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the 2001 movie.

Fans of Taeyeon posted side-by-side images of Taeyeon's still from the music video and stills of Elle Woods from the film. Among many other things that fans loved, they also appreciated one of Taeyeon's looks and termed it "hot".

Some of the reactions to Taeyeon's new song were converted into memes, and fans thanked her for this too. Taeyeon's song also began charting on iTunes within hours of its release, which was also something that fans celebrated.

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Weekend by Taeyeon was reportedly leaked before release

Days before the official release of Taeyeon's "Weekend," 20 seconds of the song were reportedly leaked. According to allkpop, the video was broadcast on KBS on July 3rd, right after Mr. House Husband 2, their variety show, had aired. A fan captured a brief moment from the broadcast, which was then shared on social media.

Many had believed that the 20 second clip was possibly a teaser of Taeyeon's new song. However, recent reports suggest that the network is looking into whether Taeyeon's song was leaked inappropriately. The report was a result of speculation, led by the fact that the teaser of Taeyeon's Weekend was not released at that time.

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Speaking of the issue, a representative of the variety show confirmed, "We are trying to gather the details of what happened." As of now, there is no update on whether legal action will be taken.

There is also no statement from Taeyeon's agency regarding the same. Weekend is Taeyeon's first song since the release of her fourth mini album, "What Do I Call You," which released in 2020.

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