Grammys 2022 roundup: Best R&B song

 With the 2022 Grammys around the corner, the R&B Song category is a hotly-contested one (Images via Instagram: jazminesullivan, silksonic, and hermusic)
With the 2022 Grammys around the corner, the R&B Song category is a hotly-contested one (Images via Instagram: jazminesullivan, silksonic, and hermusic)

As part of the SKPop Grammys roundup of 2022, here's a look at the category of Best R&B Song.

Memorable rhythm and blues music is often driven by powerful lyrics, sometimes soaring, sometimes melancholic, and always tugging at the heartstrings. Thus, the songwriters behind iconic R&B tunes covet the Grammy for Best R&B Song.

The brilliant wordsmiths that are Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers have won this Grammy thrice apiece, while Beyonce holds the record with an incredible four wins.

A brief glance at the nominees for this year's Grammy Awards for Best R&B Song

Anthony Clemons Jr., Jeff Gitelman, H.E.R., Carl McCormick and Tiara Thomas for Damage (H.E.R.)


H.E.R. won hearts (and Grammys) with her 2017 self-titled compilation album H.E.R., which itself is an acronym for "Having Everything Revealed".

The confessional, bare tone of her lyrics continues with Damage, the second single off her debut studio album Back Of My Mind (2021). Her honey-butter vocals sound as entrancing as ever, only accentuated by the lush, retro production.

Best lyric: "Open with me, oh, we could be honest... Closer to me, oh, giving me solace."

Jacob Collier, Carter Lang, Carlos Munoz, Solána Rowe & Christopher Ruelas for "Good Days" (SZA)


SZA burst into the mainstream after her widely successful collaborations with Kendrick Lamar on the soundtrack of Marvel film Black Panther (2017). There has been no looking back for this earnest crooner ever since.

On Good Days, a soul-searching SZA sings about lost love and eventually reaches a carefree rejoicement, while her dreamy vocals and guitar-tinged riffs entrance the listener.

Best lyric: "I try to keep from losin' the rest of me... I worry that I wasted the best of me on you, baby"

Giveon Evans, Maneesh, Sevn Thomas & Varren Wade for "Heartbreak Anniversary" (Giveon)


Giveon's voice is truly heartbreak personified. It is quite appropriate that his most famous song is a downtempo piano ballad where he croons about love gone wrong.

Heartbreak Anniversary grows on you slowly with its mellow, percussive synths, and snaps. The song was a sleeper hit, and is now triple-platinum.

Best lyric: "Balloons are deflated... Guess they look lifeless like me."

Brandon Anderson, Christopher Brody Brown, Dernst Emile II & Bruno Mars for "Leave the Door Open" (Silk Sonic)


The supergroup Silk Sonic takes the best aspects of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak's styles and manages to craft more than the sum of its parts.

On Leave The Door Open, the song which started the global dominance of these two groovy hooligans, an addictive onslaught of harmonies and undeniable percussion rhythm are backed with lyrics to woo any lady to drop by a swell mansion.

Best lyric: "My house clean (house clean), my pool warm (pool warm)... Just shaved (smooth like a newborn)."

Denisia "Blue June" Andrews, Audra Mae Butts, Kyle Coleman, Brittany "Chi" Coney, Michael Holmes & Jazmine Sullivan for "Pick Up Your Feelings" (Jazmine Sullivan)


In her latest record Heaux Tales (2021), Jazmine Sullivan chooses the negative stereotypes associated with the titular word and attempts to explore the humanity behind it, sans judgment, via her bold songwriting.

In Pick Up Your Feelings, she unleashes a searing tell-off to an unfaithful partner and goes on vocal runs, which could even give a comatose patient goosebumps.

Best lyric: "Oh, I'm tryna find a f**k to give for you... You ran out of chances of forgivin', yeah"

Who do you think will take the Best R&B Song Grammy home?

Edited by Atul S