Who is Haneen Hossam? Egyptian TikTok star pleads for support after being sentenced to ten years in prison for human trafficking

Screenshot of Hossam's Instagram reel | Image via Instagram/hannenhossam.official
Screenshot of Hossam's Instagram reel | Image via Instagram/hannenhossam.official

On June 20th, TikTok star Haneen Hossam was arrested in Cairo, Egypt, to serve a jail sentence, after being convicted for human trafficking. Haneen Hossam was sentenced in absence because she did not show up at the court hearing.

After the ruling, Haneen Hossam shared a video to her Instagram account in an attempt to appeal to Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi to overthrow the verdict of the case.

"Mr. President, your daughter is dying. I swear to God your daughter is dying. I held myself together so i can be able to speak and seek the help of the president and people. What should I do...I was wronged, and I did not do anything. I am literally dying. Save me. My mother is about to have a stroke after the ruling."

Both Hossam and co-defendant Mawada al-Adham were convicted of human trafficking after allegedly exploiting girls through video-sharing apps for money.

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Who is Haneen Hossam?

Haneen Hossam is a Cairo University student. At 20 years old, Hossam became a TikTok star with a large following for her dancing videos.

She was previously on the video-sharing app Likee where she allegedly encouraged her female followers to try and earn money on the app. She and Mawada al-Adham were originally acquitted in January on charges of violating Egyptian family values.

"I got a judicial ruling of acquittal on the appeal, and I was surprised the next day that I would be presented to court, and I went to the Attorney General's office, he told me that as long as he's sitting at the office, there is no acquittal for Haneen Hossam."

Haneen Hossam was sentenced to ten years in prison for her alleged actions while Mawada al-Adham was sentenced to six years. Haneen Hossam's lawyer, along with several others in Cairo, are attempting to refute the verdict claiming that "Cairo's cybercrime laws are against middle-class working women."

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President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi has not responded to Haneen Hossam's plea to overthrow her verdict. Haneen Hossam's TikTok profile reads 'Offline' at the time of this article.

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