How COD Warzone players are reverse boosting to avoid SBMM and get into easier lobbies

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Reverse boosting is a method many players have been using in COD Warzone to make the game easier for themselves. This method involves joining lobbies and then missing shots to get killed early in the game.

This leads the game to believe that the players are weak and groups these strong players with those of a lower skill level. This is one of the loopholes of the skill-based matchmaking feature that COD Warzone has.

The problems with reverse boosting in COD Warzone

Performing well in COD Warzone will pit players against players who have the same level of skill. This tends to remove the fun aspects of the game. Players then tend to reverse boost to get placed in easier lobbies. Now, the problem lies in the fact that many professionals are also doing it to participate in tournaments.

This came to light back in October last year when 100Thieves member Tommey tweeted about how players were abusing the SBMM system in COD Warzone to get into tournaments with a K/D ratio cap.

The problem with this is that players who abuse the SBMM system in COD Warzone to place in tournaments make it difficult for other players who actually deserve to be in those tournaments. In a way, this also qualifies as cheating.

Tricking the SBMM system by reverse boosting has become very popular off late. Activision is yet to patch this. Although many streamers use this method to generate content for themselves, using a disclaimer in their streams could be a wise choice.

Otherwise, it ends up giving their followers a false idea of the streamers' skill level. This might be the intention but viewers will find out eventually. Activision was supposed to address this issue but hasn't been able to do so effectively till now. If the company really wants to keep its base hooked to COD Warzone, they need to do something about this issue and do it fast.

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