How Iron Chef fans reacted to Netflix’s version of the culinary competition series

Mark Dacascos impresses Iron Chef fans with his Martial arts skills and his dramatic personality (Image via dacascosmark/ Instagram)
Mark Dacascos impresses Iron Chef fans with his Martial arts skills and his dramatic personality (Image via dacascosmark/ Instagram)
Bhavya Kamra

To binge Iron Chef or not to binge, that is the question.

Netflix recently released an eight-episode extremely competitive culinary series titled Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. The show is a reboot of the 1993 Japanese and 2004 American shows of the same name.

Despite only being eight-episodes long, fans loved the quick-paced concept. Alton Brown's ready wit was enjoyable, as was also Mark Dacascos’s martial arts skills in the first episode and his overall dramatic approach to the series.

The new format of the show, where food was to be made with specific ingredients given by The Chairman, was a hit with the audience.

@altonbrown @netflix new #IronChef is FIRE! 🔥 literally! Nicely done, you captured the original essence. Feels like a warm comfortable blanket. Binge time!

The 2022 version, much like the previous ones, only has a few funny moments but is pumped with thrills that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The series is very competitive and features extremely well-trained culinary genuises and Challenger Chefs, all of whom are expected to get creative with their dishes.

"This is comfort food for the brain": Iron Chef fans react to the new culinary series

Fans are so impressed with Netflix's Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend that they are already clamouring for a season renewal.

#IronChef @Netflix @altonbrown No spoilers! This is comfort food for the brain! Welcome back❤️🎉
I am freaking LOVING this version of #IronChef @netflix!!! When are you filming the second season??? @altonbrown and @kristekish are awesome hosts together!!
I'm going to be really upset if Netflix doesn't renew #IronChef... like more than ever... I forget how much I missed this format. It really is the supreme cooking show. I love #TournamentofChampions and #TopChef too, but Iron Chef will always be number one tbh.
😂the sturgeon episode fish flying everywhere. But the shows great reboot they improved judging and they gave some fun challenges to watch.#IronChef
Just watched the first episode of the new #IronChef on Netflix and @andrewzimmern’s beard is sharp! Love it, man. The show is great too.
The new #IronChef has me practically drooling, everything looks so delicious! I've missed this show so much. Makes me want to experiment and try cooking more new things 🥘

Season recap of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend

Season 1 of the culinary battle show featured seven Challenger Chefs:

  1. Claudette Zepeda
  2. Curtis Duffy
  3. Esther Choi
  4. Gregory Gourdet
  5. Mason Hereford
  6. Mei Lin
  7. Yia Vang

To win the title of 'Iron Legend', the Challenger chefs are required to battle against five renowned chefs - Curtis Stone, Dominique Crenn, Gabriela Camara, Marcus Samuelsson and Ming Tsai - who are all considered to be culinary geniuses.

Here are some highlights from the show:

Warning: Spoilers ahead

In Episode 1, chef Mason Hereford fought against chef Curtis Stone by cooking five street food dishes using lamb. They were also asked to present the final course of the meal with fire.

Esther Choi won the tailgating challenge in Episode 2 and proceeded to the finale. She went against Marcus Samuelsson and beat him in the round, which involved using ribs to make their dishes.

Challenger Curtis Duffy could not defeat famous French chef Dominique Crenn in Episode 3, where they were asked to use milk and a pastry element in five dishes.

In Episode 5, Challenger Claudette Zepeda and culinary expert Ming Tsai competed head-to-head against each other, battling to make five chocolate dishes. Chef Zepeda won the challenge.

In Episode 7, Challenger Gregory Gourdet and Mei Lin battled against Ming Tsai to prepare five dishes using white sturgeon, which was alive and caught by the chefs.

Eventually, Esther Choi went on to become a finalist with her Korean dishes.

While Choi did reach the finale, she was defeated by the Iron Chefs by one point. She cooked five dishes while each of the culinary giants cooked one. The dishes were all meant to represent food that changed their lives.

Choi prepared Golden Tomato Tteokbokki with Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, Hanabi Crudo, Ssam Story (Langoustine Shawarma with Hummus), Lobster Ramen and Crab Bibimbap.

Chef Crenn, Chef Ming Tsai, Chef Camara, Chef Marcus Samuelsson and Chef Curtis Stone prepared Langoustine Tarte, Truffled Shrimp Shumai, King Crab Tostada, Lobster Bird with Chicken and Curried Dungeness Crab respectively.

Esther scored 82 points, while the Iron Chefs scored 83, thus winning by a narrow margin.

All episodes of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, Season 1 series are available on Netflix.

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