How to make the Squid Game cookie? Viral TikTok trend, recipe, ingredients, and more explained

Squid Game has given rise to a brand new TikTok trend, and it involves Dalgona! (Image via Netflix, Twitter/@kokonoihone)
Squid Game has given rise to a brand new TikTok trend, and it involves Dalgona! (Image via Netflix, Twitter/@kokonoihone)

Netflix's Squid Game brings back the Dalgona trend from the beginning of this pandemic, but it's a cookie this time!

Ever since its premiere, the dark and gritty survival show Squid Game has gripped viewers worldwide. The show, which became the first Korean show to become number 1 on Netflix US, is all the rage on the internet, giving rise to several fascinating trends.

Squid Game shows a group of people desperate for money who agree to participate in some children's games. The stakes, though, are high, and the penalty for failure is death.

I keep seeing memes about Squid Game on non-stan SNS. From the squid game invitation, the red light green light, to the dalgona. They really did well with their props. How iconic 👏👏👏

What is the Squid Game cookie?

Among various traditional Korean children's games shown on Squid Game, like Red Light, Green Light, and tug of war, there was a game that has now become a trend: that of the Dalgona or Squid Game cookie.

you’ve seen this from Squid Game? That’s dalgona. Yes, that dalgona that inspired a coffee craze last year 👍🏾

Dalgona, a name that almost everyone was aware of at the beginning of the pandemic, is a type of honeycomb cookie. The participants in the show had to separate shapes that had been carved into these thin wafer-like cookies. But they had to do that without the actual form of the cookie being damaged. They must race against time, and the punishment, as mentioned before, was death.

people are starting to make dalgona bc of squid game just like the dalgona whipped coffee during the beginning of quarantine… its coming full circle

This challenge gave rise to a viral TikTok trend, with several fans trying to find out they would survive the cookie challenge or not.

How to make the Squid Game cookie?

The Squid Game cookie or the Dalgona cookie is a traditional toffee from South Korea. The snack is also known as Bbopgi in some areas.

The cookie uses only two ingredients, sugar and baking powder. There is often a picture or a shape pressed into the cookie, and children attempt to eat around the shape without damaging the cookie. A high stakes version of this game is shown on Squid Game.

The recipe for the cookie is surprisingly simple, and several food enthusiasts on TikTok have broken it down into five simple steps:

  1. Heat a tablespoon of sugar in a ladle over a flame until the sugar melts and starts to caramelize. Keep stirring.
  2. Add a little baking soda to the mix and stir quickly.
  3. Once both ingredients have been mixed well, they will turn gooey. Pour the mixture onto a sheet of baking paper.
  4. Use a mould to impress a shape onto the slowly hardening mixture.
  5. Let the cookie harden, and enjoy your treat. Or you, too, can try to find out whether you would survive the cookie challenge or not.
making dalgona candy and watching squid game to see if we get shot

While Korean viewers have grown up with the Dalgona cookie, international fans of Squid Game were curious to know how to make it. Surprisingly, several fans of the band EXO claimed to have already learned it since it was shown on Exo's Showtime, a documentary featuring the popular band.

Since dalgona is getting viral because of Squid Game.Lemme show you how I was introduced to [email protected] #EXO
Normal people discovering dalgona candy from squid game while legends discovered them through exo's showtime

While you wait for Season 2, why not try your hand at these Dalgona cookies? And this time, no one is going to be eliminated.

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