How to spend the night at Seth Rogen's Airbnb? Houseplant collaboration explained

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The infamous Canadian-American actor Seth Rogen has opened the doors to his creative getaway in Los Angeles for outsiders to rent through Airbnb.

Citizens are excited to be able to book one-night stays between February 15, 16, and 17, 2023. The bookings are open to all starting on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, at 10 am PT. However, the most appealing part of the one-night stay for fans is that it is affordable, and they only have to pay $42 a night to stay in Seth Rogen's house with him.

Seth Rogen's wide range of careers and his creative space in Los Angeles

Seth Rogen is known for having done a lot of things, apart from acting, he is also a voice artist, stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and film producer. Rogen and his wife are design enthusiasts who are huge fans of pottery and often attend pottery classes.

Seth co-founded Houseplant with long-term partners Michael Mohr and Evan Goldberg. The company was founded in Canada in 2019 and branched out to the United States in March 2021.

Known for its branding and cannabis products, Houseplant is rapidly building a name for itself, and it stands out for its variety of products. Additionally, Seth Rogen is only advertising it better than ever.

Apart from spending time with Rogen during the getaway, guests will also have a chance to do some pottery and indulge in everything that Houseplant and Seth Rogen are proud of.

In a statement, Rogen said:

“I don’t know what’s more of a Houseplant vibe than a creative retreat at a mid-century Airbnb filled with our Housegoods, a pottery wheel and incredible views of LA. Add me, and you’ll have the ultimate experience.”

In the midst of the chaos in Los Angeles, Rogen's creative studio is full of design enthusiasts' ceramics and Houseplant's cannabis goods. Matching the vibe of mid-century furniture and interior design layout, the booking is worth a try despite the traffic in LA.

The view from the house renders everyone speechless. The backyard has an infinity pool (which won't be open for use), an exquisite hot tub (which will be open), and a terrace that is secluded from the city's buzz.

The view is completed with a view of the snowcapped mountains, San Gabriel, San Jacinto, and Santa Ana, at a distance. With Downtown LA in the background and Hollywood in the foreground, the place couldn't possibly get any better.

Lucky guests will have the chance to explore Rogen's creative process and get the opportunity to enter his pottery studio. They will also be walking out with a free bag of goodies from Houseplant that includes a Rogen-designed ashtray and a trio of records.

The house tour that sparked spending a night with Seth Rogen at his Airbnb

The idea for the one-night stay started last year when Rogen was giving Architectural Digest a tour of his Los Angeles office. Viewers fell in love with the mid-century modern stoner vibe the house gave along with the essence of creative freedom it oozed.


Seth Rogen noticed a sudden interest in his space and said that he got an "overwhelming response" from people. Everyone seemed to tell him that the place was great and everything was "lovely," and asked him if they could stay or hang out there. He added:

“So that’s where this idea really started. What if we could actually provide that kind of experience for people?”

When asked about Houseplant's steep curve of success, Seth Rogen said that the whole thing was a big deal. He added that the idea of a company like Airbnb being excited about a partnership with Houseplant was "really exciting."

Rogen spoke about the rising success of the brand and its ability to establish Houseplant's presence so quickly despite the stigma associated with its products. He said:

"I don’t view it much differently than any other creative endeavor. As you get older, and you do more things, hopefully you get better at minimizing the gap between what you want to be putting out into the world, and what you are putting out into the world. This is something we really wanted to put out in the world, and it hit the mark we wanted it to hit.”

Collaborations like Airbnb and their enthusiasm have lifted Houseplant's spirits. A night with the famous all-rounder is just what you need while relaxing with your loved ones.

A free bag of goodies won't hurt either.

The low prices have caused undeniable hype among Seth Rogen fans and the internet cannot seem to wait to find out who wins the one-night stays!

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