"I can no longer attend, I'm sad": Megan Thee Stallion cancels AMA performance with BTS 

A still of Megan Thee Stallion and BTS (Image via @theestallion/Twitter)
A still of Megan Thee Stallion and BTS (Image via @theestallion/Twitter)
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BTS and Megan Thee Stallion fans were excited to see their collective performance of Butter at the American Music Awards. Unfortunately, on November 20, Megan Thee Stallion announced that she will no longer be able to attend.

The star took to her Twitter handle to share the news. She explained that she will no longer be able to attend the awards ceremony due to an "unexpected personal matter". She also said that she was extremely sad over missing this opportunity.

She added that she couldn't wait for another opportunity to hit the stage with BTS and perform Butter.

Hotties I was so excited to go to the @AMAs and perform with @BTS_official, but due to an unexpected personal matter, I can no longer attend 😭😭I’m so sad! I really can’t wait to hit the stage with my guys and perform #BTS_Butter real soon!💜

Fans react to Megan Thee Stallion dropping out of performance with BTS at the AMA

Fans speculated that the reason Stallion decided not to perform was due to a personal loss that she had suffered. Stallion had shared about the tragic death of rapper Young Dolph on her Instagram stories a few days before she canceled the performance.

The late rapper hailed from Memphis, Tennessee, and fans believe that Stallion took the loss hard and was hence not ready to perform with BTS.

@theestallion @AMAs @bts_official For everyone confused: Megan lost someone really close to most be really hard for her. We will wait the day BTS and Megan preform together 💜
@fairy_yoongs @theestallion @AMAs @bts_official She posted it on her ig few of days ago. Young Dolph, who is a well known rapper in my hometown of Memphis, Tn was tragically murdered Thursday. He was a good friend of hers so she's taking it really hard. Once she's ready, they'll perform together (Hopefully at the concerts)
@theestallion OMG NOOOO!!! 🥺 I'm so sorry Megan, we hope whatever is going on in your life gets sorted out as soon as possible, and that someday we'll have a performance with you and @BTS_twt. Take care!!! 💜🫂💗
@theestallion @AMAs @bts_official Oh no megan, don't worry, the important thing is that you are well, There will be another occasion where you can present yourself together with the boys and we will wait for them <3.
@theestallion @AMAs @bts_official It's okay Magan, take care of yourself we are always ready to wait for you and BTS to hit the stage. Anyway it's conformed that you will do the performance with BTS soo we are no longer sad just the time is missed right.Take care Hottie
@theestallion @AMAs @bts_official 😭 my prayers 🙏🏽 for your unexpected personal matter .. we truly love you bestie 💜 we will always be waiting for you to join BTS on stage @BTS_twt #BTSARMY #AMAs #BTS_Butter #BUTTERTHEEREMIX
@theestallion @AMAs @bts_official Oh, Megan😱😱I’m so sorry to hear that. You’re also shocked too. I hope your personal matter would solve as soon as possible. No worries. We all ARMY are looking forward to the next chance of collaboration stage in the future. Love ya. 💜
This is sad. But we’re still looking forward to see you perform with the boys one day. 🥺 @theestallion @BTS_twt…

Many fans also expressed concern for the star and said they hoped her personal matter would be resolved soon. They also said that they looked forward to the day she would perform with BTS.

Currently, there is no update regarding how BTS' performance will change. Many fans believe that the band may perform the original version and were hopeful. What is confirmed, however, is that BTS will perform with Coldplay. The two acts will perform their collaboration track My Universe at the AMA, which is to be held on November 21 at 8 pm EST.

Megan Thee Stallion released a remix version of the Korean band's popular song Butter in August. She faced opposition from her label that had initially stopped the singer from releasing the track. It was only after she filed a petition in court was she allowed to release the song.

Following the release, the new version also gained the attention of BTS Army and fans of Megan Thee Stallion.

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