"I hope they're all good": James Charles gets visibly uncomfortable when asked to comment about Lopez brothers

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest
Amitesh Dhar

YouTuber and beauty icon James Charles recently came under fire on Twitter after he refused to make any statement about the Lopez brothers.

For those unaware, the Lopez brothers were recently involved in a controversy where they were sexually involved with minors. A TikTok user named "Sainttbaby" revealed a lot of information regarding their alleged relations with minor girls causing a lot of stir on the internet.

James Charles gets uncomfortable and refuses to comment on the Lopez brothers.

In the video above, Charles can be seen getting uncomfortable when asked about the Lopez brothers. After his stance on this issue, the internet did not take very kindly to him, with many users questioning his views on pedophilia.

Twitter also called Charles out because he didn't want to comment, but then he was still making money from collaborating with the Lopez brothers.

Another user on Twitter believed Charles was wise not to comment on the issue because the case is still open and pending trial. The user also acknowledged that Charles should report to the authorities if he knew anything about the Lopez brothers' controversy.

Users have also gone on to draw parallels between Charles and Donald Trump.

The situation surrounding the Lopez brothers is indeed compassionate at this point. In a video released on TikTok, a woman has a conversation with what seems like Ondreaz Lopez on the phone.

What makes the issue more controversial is that the individual on the phone acknowledges that his actions were punishable by law. However, it's still unclear if the individual on the other side of the phone is Lopez. Two minor girls are also suing his younger brother Tony Lopez based on the same allegations.


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