“I am a simp for Maya”: Twitch streamer turns red after hearing Pewdiepie say this, but there is a catch

Image via Maya, Twitch
Image via Maya, Twitch

Recently, a streamer appeared to “turn red” when she heard Felix Arvid “PewDiePie” Ulf Kjellberg say that he is a “simp” for her.

Upon hearing the YouTube star call himself a simp, Maya “Maya” Higa lost her calm as she thought that PewDiePie was referring to her. However, the Swede has a pet dog, Maya, a 2005-born Pug that has starred in many of his videos.

This fact was unknown to Maya, an American musical artist and Twitch streamer. She ended up “blushing” and could hardly control her laughter when she heard PewDiePie’s clip.


Twitch streamer can’t help herself but get flushed after hearing that PewDiePie is a “simp for her”

It is no secret that PewDiePie is one of the most prominent internet personalities of all time. He has a whopping 108 million subscribers on YouTube, making his channel the second-most subscribed in the platform’s history. The 31-year-old has been a YouTuber for almost a decade, during which time he has garnered fans worldwide.

On the other hand, Maya is a musical artist whose streams come under the “IRL” or “Just Chatting” category. She currently has 280k followers on Twitch, along with around 47.5k subscribers on YouTube.


As seen in the video, Maya appeared to be blushing and immediately burst out laughing when she heard PewDiePie’s clip. She calmed down in due time, thanked two of her new subscribers, and then exclaimed the following.

“That’s so good! That’s so good! Oh my god!”

She played the clip multiple times and appeared quite happy with the star’s claim.

However, PewDiePie was in truth talking about his dog Maya, who has apparently gone blind, a sign of ageing in dogs.

Regardless, the clip brought visible joy to Maya, who had no idea that he was indeed talking about his pet! However, in a later stream, Maya saw the entire clip and realized that he was only talking about his dog.


As you can see in this video (at around 8:23), she seemed dejected and exclaimed that she had forgotten Pewds had a dog called Maya!

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