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Jeff Wittek denies supplying alcohol to Durte Dom's alleged sexual assault victim 

Vlog squad member Jeff Wittek released his own statement regarding the Durte Dom accusations
Vlog squad member Jeff Wittek released his own statement regarding the Durte Dom accusations
Aryan Mehta
Modified 22 Mar 2021

David Dobrik's vlog squad members have come under fire recently following the Durte Dom sexual assault allegations. Durte Dom and other members of the team stand accused of sexual coercion, forcing minors to consume alcohol, and rape by multiple victims.

Vlog squad member Jeff Wittek has since released a 20+ minute statement clarifying the extent of his involvement in the incident and how his version of events played out.

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Jeff Wittek denies involvement in Durte Dom's scandal

In the 20 minute long statement, Jeff Wittek iterates that he and David Dobrik were both under the impression that the women involved in the threesome had consented to participate in the event.

Quoting the replies to Durte Dom's messages inviting the women to a threesome, Wittek states that the two of them were not aware of the reality of the situation until much later.


He also went on record to state that the claims by Trisha Paytas that he supplied the alcohol to the underage women to "loosen them up" were completely false. He stated that he's been in touch with Insider, who initially publicized the claims of one of the women involved on the night. He added that he had nothing to do with the alcohol supplied to them.

Wittek's attempts to clear his name from the Durte Dom incident has not convinced the internet. Users stated that Wittek's claims of not being involved are shaky as the victims and Trisha Paytas, who was a key witness, personally named him in the events that transpired.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:


As the situation is developing, more vlog squad members are coming forward to share their experiences in an effort to clear their name. Meanwhile, David Dobrik's sponsors have begun pulling out of deals with him following the Durte Dom accusations.

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Published 22 Mar 2021, 01:20 IST
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