Karina left out? Fans lash out at K-POP group aespa's official WEIBO

Fans are upset after aespa's WEIBO allegedly singles out Karina (Image via Getty Images)
Fans are upset after aespa's WEIBO allegedly singles out Karina (Image via Getty Images)

In support of aespa member Karina, fans of the group (known as MYs) have been trending "#RESPECTKARINA" and "#aespa_is_FOUR" after fans noticed their official WEIBO treating her differently.

aespa is SM Entertainment's latest girl group, having debuted in 2020 with their song "Black Mamba." The group's concept, involving having "AI idol" counterparts of the members, drew a lot of eyes for its uniqueness. Founder of SM, Lee Soo Man, said virtual idols are "independent beings as they have AI brains."

A year after aespa's debut, which have been positively received by K-POP, other issues, particularly SM's handling of them, are bubbling up and boiling over in the scene.

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Karina's supposed mistreatment anger fans; SM Entertainment catches the brunt of it

Karina, the leader of the group, is currently trending on Twitter due to an issue one of her fanbases noticed and brought up.

Pictures of all the members of aespa are regularly uploaded to the aespa WEIBO account (a Chinese blogging platform). All but Karina's; fans claim.

Many allege that her content was either uploaded late or not at all. Seeking an explanation and possibly a correction, aespa fans are mass-tweeting to SM Entertainment's handles and are creating threads to help inform other aespa fans that might not know of the issue.

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SM Entertainment are quite infamous in the K-POP community for allegedly mistreating their idols, with several idols filing to terminate their contract with them, such as Kris Wu (EXO), Luhan (EXO), pop group JYJ, No Minwoo (TRAX) and Han Geng (Super Junior).

The label is yet to comment on the current issue. aespa fans continue to post tweets and hashtags in support of Karina, and are attempting to group people up to mass-email the company in order to let them know of their disappointment.