Lil Tay trial: Over $4000 raised to “save” 12-year-old from “abusive” father as she fights over her custody in Canada SC

Lil Tay is taking her father to court (Image via South China Morning Post)
Lil Tay is taking her father to court (Image via South China Morning Post)
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After almost a year of inactivity, 11-year-old social media influencer Claire "Lil Tay" Hope appeared to be back in the headlines following a series of stories shared on her Instagram account. The posts sparked online discussions about her well-being and safety.

Currently, according to her older brother, Lil Tay is reportedly in the middle of a custody battle with her absentee father.

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"Go Fund Me" for Lil Tay and her upcoming custody battle

Going by the posts shared in her story, Lil Tay's sibling, Jason, has set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for legal fees and other expenses. The viral sensation is slated to be on trial for custody in the BC Supreme Court of Canada against her absentee father, Chris Hope, and her stepmother.

Lil Tay will be fighting for her life, future, and freedom starting April 23rd. The child is in desperate need of funds to support her fight against her abusive father. As a result of this situation, she has been in a state of depression.

"My sister Tay has been silent on social media for the past three years because her absentee father (Chris Hope) served my mother a court order demanding control over Tay's money, career, and custody. As a result, it was court-ordered that my sister had to return to Vancouver, Canada. He also requested through a court order to prevent her from speaking out about the truth. Since then, he has stolen millions of dollars from my sister and has taken control of all her funds."

While the Go Fund Me set up just a day ago has already raised a little more than $4000, many people question the authenticity of the entire situation. This is especially so after the controversy regarding Lil Tay's actual income and the facade exposed in 2018.

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Amidst all the allegations of supposed scamming, abusive parenting, and misappropriation of funds, Lil Tay's official account has shared horrifying images documenting physical abuse over a relatively long time.

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With this recent development, it can only be hoped that this situation, which clearly involves the physical abuse of a minor at some point, sees this fact taken into account as the twelve-year-old goes on trial today.

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