Miranda Soto car accident: All about the TikTok star as Instagram live from Hospital goes viral 

Details revealed about Miranda Soto
Details revealed about Miranda Soto's car accident after the TikToker hosted a live session from the hospital. (Image via Miranduhh.Soto/ InstagramInstagram)

Along with her boyfriend, popular TikToker Miranda Soto allegedly met with a car accident. Soto explained the details of the incident on her TikTok Live, which soon went viral as many people recorded it and shared it on multiple platforms.

Furthermore, many social media users allege that she mentioned her boyfriend, Cristian Ramirez, being in surgery in one of her now-deleted videos. She did not, however, discuss his health in any of the videos.

However, many social media users also claimed that Miranda Soto and her friends drove the car while drinking and fled the scene.

While there were no reports or comments from the authorities as to what happened during the accident or if the duo was drinking, in her live session, she was in the hospital with her mother.

Who is Miranda Soto?

Miranda Soto, born in 2004, is a TikToker who rose to fame after creating multiple lip-sync and dance videos on the platform. The TikToker started posting in 2019 and gained millions of followers within the first few years. She also frequently publishes videos with her boyfriend.

Furthermore, she also owns Miranduh's Cosmetics, which is quite popular amongst her followers as she claims it is a one-stop shop for daily needs.

As for the accident, not much is known except that Miranda Soto and her partner are currently being treated at a hospital. However, she did post a picture with her boyfriend from the hospital and captioned it:

Miranda Soto uploaded a picture of her and her boyfriend lying in the hospital bed after the car crash. (Image via Miranduhh.Soto/ Instagram)
Miranda Soto uploaded a picture of her and her boyfriend lying in the hospital bed after the car crash. (Image via Miranduhh.Soto/ Instagram)

During her live session, Miranda was seen crying and saying:

“It’s pretty bad. And I’m literally lucky, that it’s not that big. Like I just had a couple of stitches here and there and my arm hurts. My back hurts. But I didn’t break anything.”

Nothing is yet known regarding the TikTokers' or her boyfriend's condition. Also, authorities have not yet provided any additional information regarding the accident, as it is currently unknown if anyone else was hurt or engaged in it. Miranda did, however, assert that the mishap was "a major one."

On the other hand, social media is flooded with fake reports of the TikToker's demise, with many claiming that Miranda's death was caused by the accident. However, Miranda stated during her live session that nothing significant occurred to her. So, the rumor of her passing away is nothing more than a hoax.

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