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After Tide Pods, Gorilla Glue Challenge is the next fad taking over TikTok

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Gorilla Glue Challenge is the latest viral trend to take over TikTok despite its creators having to undergo painful and expensive surgical procedures.

TikTok user Tessica Brown was the first person to start the Gorilla Glue Challenge after releasing her "Gorilla Glue Girl" video. Brown had to rush to the ER and lost most of her hair due to the act. Since then, the Gorilla Glue Challenge hashtag has gained over 6.5 million views on TikTok.

This challenge requires the person to use the Gorilla Glue either as a cosmetic item or in other ways directly on the skin. While some users are entering the challenge to try the glue out as a beauty product, plenty of users are trying to raise awareness against the same.

Gorilla Glue Challenge on TikTok

After applying the Gorilla Glue adhesive to her hair, Brown posted a video on Instagram portraying her attempts to move her hair. However, as was clearly visible in the video, the adhesive had caused her hair to become cemented.

Despite applying many other beauty products and trying to wash her hair, Brown's hair didn't move an inch. Needless to say, using industrial-grade adhesive directly on the scalp was a terrible idea.

Nonetheless, a bunch of TikTok users found the incident funny and are now trying to replicate it. The results were similar to Brown's story, as multiple TikTok users found themselves seeking medical assistance.


Gorilla Glue responded with an apologetic message while reminding everyone that the warning labels present on the product are there for a reason.

Additionally, the adhesive manufacturing company also clarified the purpose of Gorilla Glue products. The company sincerely requested people not to use it as a beauty product.

Various TikTok users have been trying to raise awareness about the issue. People need to realize that not all social media trends might make sense. Some might even be hazardous. It is up to the community to assess, understand, and try to perform any viral challenge that they might find on the internet.

Published 14 Feb 2021, 15:31 IST
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