"I've never stolen anyone's ideas": Catherine McBroom of the ACE Family denies stealing her friend Amanda's work

(Image via Instagram/ catherinemcbroom)
(Image via Instagram/ catherinemcbroom)

Catherine McBroom was recently called out by a friend's (Amanda) husband for plagiarism. In a series of posts on his Instagram story, McBroom's friend's husband claimed that Catherine stole ideas for her skincare brand, 1212 Gateway.

This comes after Catherine McBroom became embroiled in a separate legal battle with a former business partner.

In the now-deleted Instagram story, Amanda's husband called out Catherine McBroom and said:

"Literally stole Amanda's plan from her. SMH, I can't stand people. Always hiding Amanda and using her."

He went on to say that:

"People are fake. Upsets me to see someone give their all to a friend and be used for their ideas and never get credit for it. My wife is a sweetheart and will never say anything but me, I'm vocal. That whole plan and other things previous were Amanda's ideas, even that crystal store. She was suppose to help Amanda blow it up and then took her ideas and used them for herself. Enough is enough. Stop believing the hype."

Catherine McBroom's responded to accusations

Although she was called out on Instagram, McBroom responded to the question: "Did you really steal Amanda's idea for your 1212 gateway?" with a lengthy text post.

She flat out denied the accusations before deflecting and generalizing by saying that her fans would recognize the skincare brand as an important personal project. She concluded by saying:

"To be honest I'm tired of protecting people by not standing up for myself and saying what's true."

Catherine McBroom wrote an eight-paragraph response to a question about a stolen idea. In her explanation, McBroom acknowledged that she had temporarily stopped responding to her friend's texts but said she did not mean to ignore her intentionally.

McBroom acknowledged the accusations by saying that:

"I don't think his impulsive behavior has anything to do with me. I'm not going to let this affect my relationship with my friend."

She concluded with:

"If you're reading this please don't bully anyone. Maybe this can be a learning lesson for you as it was for me. this is way out of my character to respond but this just isn't fair. I just want a period of peace."

At the time, Catherine McBroom's friend had not responded to the situation. Austin McBroom has also not weighed in.

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