ENHYPEN’s webtoon 'DARK MOON': Synopsis, release details, and more

Left: ENHYPEN, Right: A still from DARK MOON (Images via Twitter/ENHYPEN and Youtube/HYBE Labels)
Left: ENHYPEN, Right: A still from DARK MOON (Images via Twitter/ENHYPEN and Youtube/HYBE Labels)
Afreen Khan

At their corporate briefing on November 4, HYBE announced ENHYPEN’s DARK MOON webtoon slated for early 2022. The seven-member group is the third idol group under HYBE to have their own original story created for a webtoon and web novel. DARK MOON’s concept fits in perfectly with the supernatural, bloody storyline the group has explored, albeit in pieces, since their debut in 2020.

The General Manager of HYBE Shwan Hwangbo revealed many exciting plans, including ENHYPEN's webtoon stories. The series will be released in parts, and the first installment is titled DARK MOON: The Blood Altar and tells the story of seven vampire boys and their fateful lives.

What is the plot of ENHYPEN’s 'DARK MOON' webtoon?

ENHYPEN is revealed to launch an original series “DARK MOON” on January 16, 2022.“DARK MOON: The Blood Altar” will be the first story in the said series.@ENHYPEN_members @ENHYPEN #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈

As HYBE aims for higher skies, it's taking its labels under the company along. ENHYPEN’s agency, BELIFT Lab will be among the beneficiaries, and as a result ENHYPEN’s DARK MOON: The Blood Altar will soon be released along with BTS’ 7Fates CHAKHO and TXT’s THE STAR SEEKERS.

The story is an unusual touch on the young romance genre. It's another fantasy concept that revolves around seven vampire boys meeting "a girl with a secret," as HYBE's General Manager Shawn Hwangbo revealed. The story will take a more novel route than the usual teen romance.

“It will bring to life the story of vampire boys who have fought long and lonely battles as borderline and transcendent beings.”

Like their counterparts, ENHYPEN will star in the webtoon as their characters.

When will ENHYPEN’s 'DARK MOON: The Blood Altar' release?

The group’s DARK MOON series will kick off with The Blood Altar on 16 January 2022. It will be released on Naver’s Webtoon app as a webtoon and as a web novel on Wattpad on the same day.

In other ENHYPEN news, the seven-member boy group will participate in an upcoming fan meeting held both offline and online. The fan meeting is in celebration of their upcoming first debut anniversary. However, BELIFT Lab recently revealed that Heeseung is in the recovery phase after surgery for an epidermoid cyst in his right toe and announced his limited participation in the fan-meet.

Meanwhile, four of ENHYPEN's fellow I-Land contestants, K, Nicholas, EJ, and Taki, are nearing their debut soon, and the company also shared plans for HYBE Japan at the briefing.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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