Fall Guys: Is the game fading?

Fall Guys faced a massive drop in player count
Fall Guys faced a massive drop in player count

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown, the platformer battle royale game, was released on 4th August. Since then, it has managed to erupt on major streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

From being watched for over 23 million hours within a week of its release on Twitch to being the third-highest played game on Steam, Fall Guys made a huge impact on the gaming as well as the streaming communities.

The engagement of Fall Guys reached such an extent that the community was upset over a couple of hours of downtime before the launch of Season 2. However, since the release of this season, the number of players in Fall Guys has fallen drastically.

Boasting of over 124,772 concurrent players on Steam in August, only behind CS: GO and Dota 2, Fall Guys had managed to gather a higher viewership on Twitch compared to flagship titles like League of Legends and Fortnite.

Drop in Fall Guys’ player count

The month of October has been extremely harsh for Fall Guys. In spite of releasing the much-anticipated Season 2 with new additions, this title could only manage a peak player count of 83,964 on Steam. It has seen less than 30,000 concurrent players in the last two weeks, as well as a peak player count of only 28,222 players over the last two days, according to Steam Stats.

This game is currently ranked at 27 in Steam Charts, compared to its previously higher rankings. With these stats in mind, the question that comes across every player's mind is if Falls Guys was simply a one-hit wonder, as the community continues to lose interest in the game.

As of now, it remains to be seen if the developers, Mediatonic, can pull something out of their hats for Fall Guys to get a second wind. Or will this Devolver Digital-published game slowly be forgotten, like a one-hit wonder?

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