Fans defend Black Swan’s Fatou as anti-black comments pour in after allegations of her bullying Leia surface

Black Swan members Leia and Fatou (Image via @blackswan_drent/Twitter)
Black Swan members Leia and Fatou (Image via @blackswan_drent/Twitter)

On November 12, Black Swan’s Fatou was accused of bullying member Leia by a Brazilian fanbase of the former idol. The fanbase allegedly released chats between them and a relative of Leia. In the conversation, Leia’s mother allegedly claims that Fatou has been bullying Leia since October and has been “intimidating” and “oppressing” her.

Black Swan Leia's fanbase, @AccessLeia, also stated that the relatives “blamed the rapper” for Leia being quiet on the group’s recent lives and even on social media. Multiple fans jumped to conclusions and started sending hate to Fatou, which majorly included anti-black comments.

Bullying allegations against Black Swan’s Fatou towards member Leia heats Twitter

Another bullying scandal has rocked the K-pop industry. Black Swan Leia’s fanbase @AccessLeia has been in the spotlight since she revealed alleged chats between her and Leia’s relative, claiming that fellow member Fatou bullied Leia. The alleged relative also claimed that Leia tried raising the matter with their agency, DR Entertainment, but they did not take any action.

Netizens quickly pointed out that the Portuguese in the chats had several grammar mistakes, speculating that it might be translated from other languages to make it seem credible. However, Leia then uploaded a tweet, fueling further speculation and confusion, saying,

“I don't think it's cool to talk about other people's Portuguese… Everyone knows that in Brazil not everyone has the option or opportunity to study :)”

However, many netizens and fans believe they can’t trust the claims until they hear anything official. They are also quick not to jump to conclusions, waiting for the group or the members involved to speak up.

Soon after the reveal, multiple fans attacked Fatou with gruesome anti-black comments. Fatou is one of the only few black non-South Korean active K-pop idols. She is also the most followed member on social media amongst the Black Swan members, but the continuous racial discrimination and history of bullying scandals being ultimately false have led many to defend the black K-pop idol.

Meanwhile, the alleged relative, Leia's mom, also claimed that Leia is being bullied by leader Youngheon, making it difficult for fans to believe the truth.

As Fatou trended on Twitter, several netizens claimed she was targeted because of her race, despite Youngheon being involved in the allegations.

Since the outcry, Fatou has called out Leia, explaining her alleged narcissistic and manipulative personality. Check out a fans' translated thread below:

There has been no official update from Black Swan's agency regarding the matter yet.

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