Fans react as Quando Rondo and his team shot at in Georgia 

Instagram Image Via Quando Rondo
Instagram Image Via Quando Rondo
Modified 04 May 2021

Quando Rondo and his team were shot at when they made a quick stop at a convenience store in Georgia. A member of his team was injured in the altercation, and in the aftermath, fans are reacting on Twitter.

In the early morning hours on Sunday, May 2, Quando and his entourage stopped at a convenience store. TMZ reported that at around 3:20 a.m. in Blackshear, shots were fired at the group who were outside the convenience store. Most of the group was located in the parking lot, which was off the highway.

According to police, the shots likely came from across the road or on the highway. Quando Rondo and the rest of his group were not at the convenience store for long and it was confirmed that they were not loitering in the area. Instead, it was a quick stop and the culprits shot at Quando Rondo's entourage fairly quickly.

In the altercation, one member of the Quando Rondo entourage was hit in the hand and was taken to a hospital for treatment. No one else seems to have suffered injuries and there were no major injuries that could have been fatal in the incident.

So far, it seems that Quando Rondo and his group stopped after they were done performing at a club. The club is about 10 minutes from where the convenience store is located, and where the shots were fired. When cops arrived, Quando Rando was not at the scene, but Police do not believe he was hit in the altercation.

Twitter reacts to Quando Rondo and his team being shot at in Georgia

One surprising part of the incident is the location. Quando Rondo is from Georgia himself and it could be one factor in the motivation behind the attack. All of the details have either not been released yet or no true motives for the attack have been found, but some ties can be made to past events.

In November of 2020, Quando Rondo and his entourage were involved in a similar incident. King Von, who is another rapper, was shot and killed in an altercation between both of their groups. The shooting took place outside a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia. King Von ended up dying from the injuries he sustained. Quando Rando's group member who shot at King Von was arrested and charged with felony murder.

Quando Rondo's subsequent shows in the area at the time were canceled due to threats of violence. As for yesterday's attack, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the case.

Published 04 May 2021
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