"Bloodhunters are like Samurai": Actor Rob Collins sheds light on AMC+'s new vampire fantasy series, Firebite 

Actor Rob Collins plays Tyson (Picture sourced officially from AMC+)
Actor Rob Collins plays Tyson (Picture sourced officially from AMC+)
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The upcoming fantasy series, Firebite on AMC+ puts its own unique twist on vampires. These fanged fiends are not out for blood alone, but they've been sent by Britain to eliminate the indigenous population of Australia.

Actor Rob Collins plays Tyson, who with Shanika (Shantae Barnes-Cowan) engages in pest control ie. killing vampires, but only to a limited degree. We learn early on that there is another group of vampire hunters (The Bloodhunters) who are far more driven when it comes to eliminating the bloodsucking creatures. So, what is the distinction between the two?

The amazing @YaelStone took a few minutes out of her schedule to chat with me about her new @AMCPlus show - Firebite. A vampire story with a twist!…

Rob Collins speaks about how different his character is to 'The Bloodhunters' in Firebite

Collins, the protagonist of Firebite on AMC+, shed some light upon their differences.

"So, Bloodhunters, I guess the main distinction is they meet the threat head-on. So, they're subterranean. They would actually go and fight vampires on their home turf. Pest control which is when we meet Tyson and Shanika, what they're engaged in, is when the occasional vampire pops up, out of the ground, comes into the community, then we eliminate them," said Collins.
From pest control to blood hunting... Watch the premiere of #Firebite, from the producers of The North Water and The Power of the Dog on December 16th exclusively on AMC+.

The vampires of Firebite live below the ground, in subterranean mines to avoid the sun. So how is Tyson adept at killing vampires?

"So, the point of difference here is important because, at one point in his life, Tyson was training to be a Bloodhunter with his mentor Jalingbirry. But somewhere along the way and I think it has to do with the night he found Shanika, he made a decision there to leave that way of life and to become this unlikely father figure in this girl's life," added Rob Collins.

When we meet Tyson in Firebite, taking the fight to the vampires, he's left the Bloodhunter life behind.

"A good analogy is that Bloodhunters are like Samurai. There's a very strong code there. Their whole existence is life is about eliminating vampires. They don't have any personal attachments, can't take on family, they can't just go down to the pub and have a beer with mates. It is a very disciplined way of life. And Tyson is anything but. He is not disciplined. So, it was a way of life that, you know, for good or for bad, he tapped out of. He couldn't commit to it," explained Collins.

Where can fans watch Firebite online?

Firebite premieres on AMC+ on Thursday, December 16, on the premium streaming bundle, with new episodes set to follow every Thursday. Fans of the action genre, as well as horror aficianados, may enjoy the series.

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