"Funniest court video of the year": Internet reacts as Corey Harris driving with suspended license video leaves social media in splits 

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Video of man driving with suspended license leaves the internet in splits (Representative image via Getty Images)

An Ann Arbor, Michigan, district judge was recently left astonished when he caught Corey Harris, who held a suspended driver’s license, driving during an online courtroom hearing. The video recently circulated across the internet like wildfire and left netizens in a frenzy. Reacting to the same, one netizen stated:

Netizen reacts to the hilarious court Zoom call video (Image via X)
Netizen reacts to the hilarious court Zoom call video (Image via X)

In videos that have gone viral, one can see the Ann Arbor public defender announce that her client should be attending the hearing through Zoom. Corey Harris then joins the call; however, something peculiar catches the eye of District Judge J. Cedric Simpson. Not only did the defendant have a seat belt across his body, but he was also present in a moving vehicle while he still had a suspended driver’s license case ongoing against him.

The internet was left in splits after observing the incident. Several netizens relentlessly mocked Corey Harris by saying:

“Did he drive himself to jail too? You can’t make this up,” one netizen stated.
“You can’t fix st*pid. That’s as bad as the lady that called the cops because the person she was selling drugs to ran off without paying off,” another X user hilariously noted.
“It’s amazing how some people can navigate through life with this level of thinking,” another X user stated.

Corey Harris himself has not publicly responded to the video that has taken over the internet. A few other reactions read:

“The poor public defender lol,” one netizen stated.
“Driving without a License and simultaneously an active participant in a Court hearing TEAMS meeting Who says men can’t multi-task,” another X user hilariously stated.
“Guilty of criminal st*pidity. He deserves every day in jail the judge gives him," one netizen stated.

The video had amassed over a million views across the internet at the time of writing this article. A few other tweets read:

“Greatest admiration to the public defender for playing it straight even after seeing how sunk the case was,” one netizen noted.
“I don’t think anything would get me to laugh today. This did it,” an X user stated.
“This is epic levels of st*pidity,” a netizen stated.

Corey Harris courtroom video recalled as viral clip leaves the internet in splits

In the viral video, the court judge could be seen asking Harris if he was driving. In response, Corey Harris said:

“Actually, I’m pulling into my doctor’s office, actually. So just give me one second, I’m parking right now.”

Corey Harris’ attorney then asked for an adjournment for a few weeks after noticing her client’s blunder. However, the judge asked for more clarity on the key point of his case. Simpson said:

“OK, so maybe I don’t understand something. This is a driving while license suspended [case], and he was just driving, and he didn’t have a license.”

His attorney then confirmed that those were the charges against Corey Harris. The judge then took a long pause while he looked around the room and eventually ended up smiling at the bizarre situation at hand. Simpson at the end revoked Harris's bond and ordered him to turn himself in to the local authorities by the end of the day.

The judge had not publicly commented on the incident at the time of writing this article since it is still a pending case.

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