"I can't get fired, I'm a partner lol" Mike Majlak denies being fired from Impaulsive by Logan Paul over their "tiff" 

Logan Paul and Mike Majlak (Image via YouTube)
Logan Paul and Mike Majlak (Image via YouTube)

Many fans of the popular Impaulsive podcast noticed that co-host Mike Majlak has not appeared due to his "tiff" with YouTuber and host, Logan Paul, rumors had surfaced that he had been fired.

Mike Majlak had recently gone on a hiatus from the show, and fans have speculated that one of the reasons was also due to Logan Paul not inviting him to Puerto Rico, his new place of residence. Logal Paul eventually confirmed this, but did not explain why.

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Mike Majlak "I can't be fired"

Mike Majlak recently spoke to DramaAlert host, Keemstar, claiming that he "couldn't be fired". In recently revealed text messages between Keemstar and himself. Mike stated,

"I can't be fired, I'm a partner lol"

Keemstar then responded to Mike asking him what the actual "deal" was. Mike explained to Keemstar stating that,

"Logan is focused on the biggest fight of his life and Impaulsive is on hiatus".

According to Mike, Logan is currently focused on preparing for "the biggest fight of his life" with Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, 2021.

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The "Tiff" between Mike Majlak and Logan Paul

The alleged beef between Mike and Logan began when many fans noticed that Mike was missing from the studio. Logan responded by saying that Mike was unable to make it to Puerto Rico due to the fact that he did not invite him. Logan stated,

"Because I didn't invite him, that's right".

To add to that, Logan stated that he had been ignoring Mike whenever he tried to contact him. Fans of the show were upset to hear this, as Mike had been Logan's right-hand man even before the show started.

Presently, the show is being filmed in Durado, Puerto Rico, with Logan Paul and his other co-host Georgie running the show. Mike and Logan have not gone into detail over the reason for their "tiff", however, fans speculate their beef began when Logan complimented Harry Styles for wearing female attire as part of a magazine shoot. Mike then strongly disagreed with him.

Ever since, the best friends have not been on the same page publicly. Additionally, many were recently upset with Mike over the controversy with his ex-girlfriend Lana Rhodes, and claim that this may have added fuel to the fire.


It has not been confirmed if Mike Majlak will be making a return to the show. However, there is speculation that he may return after Logan's fight with Floyd Mayweather on June 6th, 2021.

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